Expect the most after iPhone 4! IPhone 12 appearance exposure

 Expect the most after iPhone 4! IPhone 12 appearance exposure

However, according to foreign media phone arena, the iPhone 12 released next year is the most expected iPhone for apple in so many years.

According to the report, the shape of the iPhone 12 no longer continues the mellow design style, but adopts a sharper and more square aesthetic concept, inheriting the middle frame design of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5.

It is reported that the structure of the new iPhone still adopts the design of metal middle frame and front and back 2 / 2.5D glass, but the surface of the metal middle frame will be changed into a graphic design similar to the iPhone 4, replacing the current curved design.

PA believes that although the iPhone 12 cannot cancel the bangs, it will significantly reduce the size of the bangs while maintaining the full functionality of faceid.

In addition, the iPhone 12 is likely to be Apples first four camera phone, including: wide-angle lens, super wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and a TOF lens. With the addition of a TOF lens, the iPhone? 12 camera can achieve a more accurate depth of field.

According to the report, Apples engineering team is also testing to widen the 5g antenna to more than 1mm to improve signal transmission. The iPhone 12 antenna material is expected to give up plastic and use glass, ceramics or sapphire instead.

Heres the iPhone 12 concept design. Lets feel it together:

Source: editor in charge of fast technology: Yao Liwei, nt6056