Hubei Xiangyang marathon volunteers receive moldy bread? Official response

 Hubei Xiangyang marathon volunteers receive moldy bread? Official response

On October 31, the office of Xiangyang Marathon Organizing Committee issued a notice on the official website of Xiangyang marathon, saying: Recently, the Xiangyang Marathon Organizing Committee paid close attention to the online post reflecting that Xiangma volunteers received moldy bread, and immediately instructed the Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and the municipal market supervision and Administration Bureau to launch the emergency plan, investigate the food enterprises involved, and deal with it according to the laws and regulations Place.

On October 27, after the Xiangyang marathon, a volunteer said on the Internet that when he was preparing to eat the bread he received at noon that day, he found that there were mould spots on the bread, and then he took three pieces of bread to have mould spots. The volunteer work started earlier, and it was not bright, so he could not see whether there were mould spots on the bread, and some people had diarrhea after eating it carelessly.

On October 28, Xiaji fast food restaurant in Xiangcheng District of Xiangyang City issued a statement saying that in the Xiangyang marathon held on October 27, 2019, the breakfast bag for volunteers (including a lucky bread, a gravy egg for the villagers, a ham for the king of Shuanghui and a box of yiliyou yoghurt) was provided by Xiaji fast food restaurant. Two of them were mouldy due to improper preservation in the factory, which affected the volunteers meals and were complained. Im very sorry for the impact and loss of Xiangyang marathon and related sponsorship image, and Im willing to bear all the losses.

At noon on November 2, Xia Lin, operator of Xiaji fast food restaurant, Xiangcheng District, Xiangyang City, the supplier, told the surging news that he did not know the latest situation at present, relevant matters can be consulted with the organizing committee.

Source: surging news editor: Du Shufei nb12556