One dead and two wounded in an Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip

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Israeli air strikes in Gaza Strip killed 1 and injured 2 (source: Netease video)

Israeli warplanes launched air strikes on the Gaza Strip in the early hours of the 2nd local time after rocket attacks in southern Israel. Authorities in the Gaza Strip say one person has been killed and two injured in the attack.

Local time 1, southern Israel suffered rocket attacks, the Israeli military with the Iron Dome defense system to intercept, and accused the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in control of the Gaza Strip launched an attack. Israel said the attack that day caused damage to a house, but no casualties.

Subsequently, in the early hours of local time on the 2nd, in response, Israel launched air strikes against multiple targets in the Gaza Strip. According to Palestinian media reports, the air strikes targeted Hamas and its subordinate armed bases and training sites. According to another Hamas source, Hamas personnel opened fire on Israeli warplanes carrying out air strikes. Health officials in the Gaza Strip said one person was killed and two injured in the same days air strikes. The victim was a 27 year old man, and it is not clear whether the person was a civilian or an armed man.

Since March last year, the Palestinian and Israeli sides began to hold a return March protest, there have been continuous conflicts between the two sides in the Gaza Strip and the border area between Israel.

Source: responsible editor of CCTV: Du Shuo, nb12556