The truth of the panic caused by the teachers asking for leave is

 The truth of the panic caused by the teachers asking for leave is

Due to the highly infectious nature of tuberculosis, the incident triggered panic among 18 parents of 5-year-old children who were in close contact with him. From October 10 to October 31, the school paid for the expenses. The parents of the class rushed to the major hospitals with their children for tuberculin test. Two of the 18 children were positive in the tuberculin test report, and the parents came out one after another to protect their rights. Seeing the situation expand, the school has found out the details of Du Mous forged medical records after a visit. Du Mou has to come out and clarify to the parents: Im not sick.

Dus fake chest film shows that he has serious tuberculosis

According to Du, parents said they did not believe it. A parent surnamed Wu told reporters that due to Dus gentle nature and good playing with children, the children often stick around him, and Dus recent bad health and frequent coughing, she was very worried about her childrens infectious diseases. There are also parents at the scene who question why the report of two childrens tubercle bacillus test in the class is positive, and whether the school has inspired du to lie in order to shirk the responsibility.

In the afternoon of that day, in order to verify Dus statement, the parents designated the hospital and the doctor, and everyone took du to take a chest film, and did a sputum test. The diagnosis was that no abnormality was found on chest plain film. The chest film is totally different from the one provided by Du before.

Dus real examination showed that he didnt have tuberculosis

Why are the results of the two tests diametrically opposite? According to Du, he had a cold at the beginning of October. He dragged the National Day holiday and ended it. He hoped that the holiday would be longer and lied to the unit that he had tuberculosis. On October 25, he had been resting at home for two weeks, and the unit urged him for the hospitals examination and diagnosis related information. He went online to find someone to forge the outpatient medical record, diagnosis certificate and radiation examination report of a hospital in Hohhot, and submitted them to the unit for 480 yuan. On October 28, seeing that the situation was serious, he spent another 320 yuan on the Internet, and found someone to do a checklist and a diagnosis certificate, which proved that he recovered basically after reexamination of tuberculosis, sputum test was negative, and there was no infectivity. Afraid that the parents dont believe it, Du also showed the chat record of his transaction to the parents. The reporter saw through the chat record that the wechat name of the person Du found on the Internet was honest man, with the head image of a doctor, who has a broad mind and can forge the diagnosis reports of hospitals in the capital. These examination and diagnosis related data are all from Changsha express to Hohhot. Du said he didnt understand the seriousness of tuberculosis and lacked legal knowledge. He was afraid to expose a lie, so he tried to use more lies to round it, which eventually led to major problems.

Du Mou looks for someone to forge some chat records of medical records on the Internet

Screenshot of Du submitting the forged disease materials to the unit

As for the problem that the tubercle bacillus test report of two children was positive, after further chest X-ray examination, two children did not suffer from tuberculosis, the doctors analysis and test results may also be interfered by some other factors, showing false positive. Parents have found that for so many days, they have asked for leave and risked being infected to take their children to an infectious disease hospital to check whether they have tuberculosis. Their children cry heartbreaking, and their parents cry heartbroken. Finally, it is a farce that the post-90s teachers have made up to extend their holidays.

Du apologizes in the parent group and explains the situation

Ms. Zhang, the parent, believes that the school has a great responsibility for this matter. She said: the responsibility of the school is not only the negligence of supervision and selection and employment, but also the major omission of management. The management system is not sound and standard. The teachers of the school never do regular physical examination. Mr. Du said that he only had physical examination when he was in office for three years, and we have not seen the physical examination report. As an educational institution teaching language, it is faced with young children with very low immunity. The teaching method is face-to-face contact. Every class is in such a small confined space, and even no physical examination is done. This is a serious irresponsible attitude towards parents and children. As an educational institution, the poor supervision of its own employees, the failure to fulfill the compliance process of asking for leave, the failure to pay attention to and track the status of employees, resulting in all parents asking for leave to delay their work and playing such a farce with the school at the risk of children being infected. The school is seriously wrong and improper in the way it deals with it. The current results can only show that Mr. Du is not ill now, and cant prove anything else. Who can guarantee that our children are safe? Who can guarantee that our children do not have other hidden dangers?

The sudden farce caused parents to worry about their childrens safety in the confined space

As for the parents statement, Ms. Zhang of the training institution told reporters: the truth has been explained and the panic of parents has been eliminated. Now Im going to communicate with my parents one by one, listen to their opinions and demands, and try to solve the problems to satisfy their parents.

Source: northern new paper author: Wang Shutian editor in charge: Su Hongyu nbj9980