Training Gong Xiangyu to become a successful example

 Training Gong Xiangyu to become a successful example

If we dont train Gong Xiangyu for the 2015-2016 season, but bring in foreign aid, there wont be her world cup champion this year. This is the explanation of Mao Wuyang, general manager of Jiangsu Zhongtian iron and steel womens volleyball club, for Jiangsu womens volleyball team has always insisted on playing in the league. In the 2019-2020 Chinese womens volleyball Super League, Jiangsu womens volleyball team insists on the all China team, which is in sharp contrast to other traditional strong teams that have introduced strong foreign aid.

Before the 2015-2016 season, due to the retirement of Jiangsu womens volleyball teams old take over setter, the take over position in the new season suddenly became the short board of the whole team. Is it Gong Xiangyu who trains his young players? Or introduce strong foreign aid to solve the urgent need? After careful consideration, the leaders at all levels of the Provincial Sports Bureau have unified their understanding and set down the principle of looking at League results with a long-term perspective, not eager for quick results, and vigorously training their own players. Gong Xiangyu has entered the main team of the team, and under the careful guidance of coach Cai bin, she has grown up rapidly in the league with no heavy expectation. In 2016, she went to coach Lang Pings Chinese womens volleyball team to win the Olympic gold medal. Then in the 2016-2017 League, she helped Jiangsu womens volleyball team win the first league championship in the teams history. Especially in this years womens Volleyball World Cup, Gong Xiangyu has always been the first main force to fight, while winning the championship, he has also become the all-round main force of Chinas womens volleyball team Tieding.

In the new season, in addition to the Bayi team (2 Champions), six other teams that have won the League Championship - Tianjin (11 champions), Shanghai (5 champions), Liaoning, Evergrande, Zhejiang, Beijing (1 champion each) - have introduced world famous players, which has improved the comprehensive strength of the team, and is also the need of commercial competition. Only Jiangsu womens volleyball team with conditions and funds to introduce foreign aid has always insisted on the all China squad to participate in the league. In fact, the overall level of Chinas womens volleyball team is relatively high, and the gap between the national players of each team and foreign aid is not large. For example, the comprehensive strength of Olympic champion Zhang Changning is no worse than that of world famous players Larsen and kosheleva. It can be said that the team with strong foreign aid won the championship is not much better than the all China team with many Chinese womens volleyball players.

After reviewing the excellent results of Jiangsu womens volleyball team in the league in the past five seasons. According to Mao Wuyang, our team has always insisted on vigorously cultivating its own team members, and at the same time, we have paid great attention to echelon construction and made great efforts in youth training, so as to continuously transport excellent team members for the first, second and third teams of the National Womens volleyball team.. Practice has proved that in Rio Olympic Games and this years World Cup, Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu of Jiangsu team won five gold medals. (text / picture: go to make a statement)

Source: China Volleyball Association official website editor: Cao Liqiao, ns1806