Looking for heroes online interactive activity officially launched

 Looking for heroes online interactive activity officially launched

On the morning of the 2nd, with relevant military and local leaders touching the kick-off ball, the theme song remember rang out, and the online interactive activity of looking for heroes was officially launched. This activity is under the guidance of the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission, the central network information office and the Department of Veterans Affairs, and hosted by the PLA news and communication center.

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Seeking heroes online interaction activity officially launched (source: Netease military)

During the activity, netizens can recommend the old heroes around them and submit relevant information through the hero seeking clue solicitation page released by China military TV. After the examination and verification by the relevant military and local departments, programs and special topics related to old heroes will be produced on the Internet and promoted intensively. For the old heroes who need care and help, social public welfare organizations will also be mobilized to help them.

The online interactive activity of seeking heroes aims to deeply explore and publicize a large number of hero groups represented by Comrade Zhang Fuqing, and call on the whole society to advocate, learn and strive for heroes, so as to gather the powerful and powerful forces.

Laifeng County is the place where Zhang Fuqing, the winner of the medal of the Republic, a model of the times and the most beautiful fighter, has been working and living for a long time. The day before yesterday, leaders from the military and local authorities attending the launching ceremony visited Zhang Fuqing.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Lin Zhiheng