What are you doing? Trump took a picture together. Someones the heroine of sealing fee on the P

 What are you doing? Trump took a picture together. Someones the heroine of sealing fee on the P

Yesterday (November 1), a picture suddenly circulated on foreign social media: trump stood in the middle, his eyes closed, slightly bowed, and his face was serious. A circle of people around him put their hands on trump, as he did.

Source: White House

Everyone is asking, what is this? Pray? Or collective work?

All kinds of speculation came:

Screenshot of social media

What a wonderful picture!

In fact, Fox News explained the above questions in its report two days ago. On Tuesday morning, 25 evangelical priests or religious leaders came to the White House for an hour long meeting.

On the same day, the impeachment investigation against trump was in full swing. The house rules committee released a text of impeachment resolution, elaborating on how to promote the impeachment investigation against President trump.

At the White House meeting, trump was treated with great acclaim. Fox said everyone stood up and applauded trump.

At the same days meeting, trump didnt talk much about impeachment investigations, but focused on his own achievements, such as nominating federal judges, criminal justice reform, defending religious freedom, reducing abortion, and Baghdad Di, the leader of the Islamic state (is), an extremist group just killed.

These evangelical priests who supported trump in 2016 reaffirmed their support.

We discussed our support, and we assured him that evangelicals across the United States supported him, said Graham, a Texas State pastor. We support the president unswervingly.

When it comes to the impeachment action pushed by House Speaker Pelosi, the priests have dealt with trump very well.

It was in this atmosphere that the White House photographers took these pictures.

After the popularity of social media, the photo was quickly broken by netizens:

There are also people who have been involved in Trumps porn star sealing fee heroine, storm Daniels:

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331