Vietnamese survivors remember container smuggling: once sent blades ready to escape

 Vietnamese survivors remember container smuggling: once sent blades ready to escape

Vietnams stowaway survivors have been stabbed and ready to escape: accept death for a living (source: pear video)

On November 1, British police issued a statement saying that the 39 victims in the van who died earlier were Vietnamese. Vietnam said the specific identity still needs to be identified, which is a serious humanitarian tragedy. In 2006, tran Khanh toan, a Vietnamese, smuggled into the UK in a container. However, when he arrived in the UK, he was unable to make a living and returned to Vietnam. He told the pear video about someone who was involved in the wheel when jumping off the container when he smuggled in and died. And the stowaways who hide in the canvas van are often used to cut the canvas at any time and jump to escape.

British police: all 39 victims of the truck tragedy are Vietnamese

According to Sky News, the Essex police said in a statement that the 39 bodies found in earlier container trucks should be all Vietnamese citizens. The statement said that the police are in contact with the Vietnamese government and directly contact with the families of some Vietnamese victims. According to the Vietnam News Agency on November 1, the Public Security Department of Hejing Province in central Vietnam has arrested two people suspected of organizing the introduction of others to leave the country illegally or staying abroad illegally.

British death truck case: another suspect is charged with 39 counts of manslaughter

Recently, the latest progress has been made in the death truck case in Britain. According to British media reports, the Northern Irish man who was arrested in connection with the case was recently charged with 39 counts of manslaughter, the second suspect to face charges after van driver Robinson.

Vietnamese police will prosecute two suspects suspected of organizing illegal smuggling

According to the Public Security Department of Vietnams Hejing Province on November 1, two suspects suspected of organizing, introducing illegal immigration and illegal detention of Vietnamese have been detained and will be prosecuted according to law in the process of local police investigating the suspected British disappearance of family members reported by local people.