Suddenly asked how to kill Epstein, Hillary burst out laughing

 Suddenly asked how to kill Epstein, Hillary burst out laughing

The cause of the death of American pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in prison is still unclear. Former President Bill Clinton and his wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, were also involved in the incident. How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein? Russia today (RT) reported on November 2 that Hillary Clinton could not help laughing when she was asked such a question when she was on a show.

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Rt said that on October 31 local time, Trevor Noah, the host of the daily show, jokingly asked Hillary, I have to ask you a question that has bothered me for a long time: How did you kill Jeffrey Epstein? Hillary laughed and the audience laughed. But before Hillary could answer, Noah began to ask other questions. It was previously reported that after Epsteins death in prison, because of the relationship between Clinton and Epstein, the Clintons are criminals was once one of the hot topics on twitter. A kind of

According to Fox News, Hillary Clintons program is to promote her new book together with her daughter Chelsea.

Epstein was arrested in New Jersey on July 6, and FBI agents found a large number of obscene photos in his house in Manhattan, New York. Federal prosecutors in New York later charged him with sex trafficking and conspiracy to abduct underage women, but Epstein refused to plead guilty. Former US President Bill Clinton, widely reported as Epsteins friend by foreign media, soon spoke up to explain the relationship. President Clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to several years ago in Florida and the crimes he was recently accused of in New York, Clintons spokesman, angel urenia, said in a July 8 statement.

At 6:30 a.m. local time, on August 10, Epstein was found to be unresponsive in a single room at the metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, New York. At 6:39, he was taken to the hospital and died. The prison claimed that he had committed suicide. Epsteins death has attracted the attention of American public opinion and triggered various speculation. It has been reported that he got rich in a mysterious way before his death. He has been associating with celebrities and dignitaries for a long time. There are many mysteries about the gold right transaction. Michael Baden, a New York forensic scientist, said on October 31 that Epsteins death was more like homicide..

Source: global network editor in charge: Du Shuo, nb12556