Just because he likes you doesnt mean he can be with him. Dont be too quick

 Just because he likes you doesnt mean he can be with him. Dont be too quick

Net friend Xiaobai is very aggrieved to say, their companys colleague says like her, Xiaobai also has long been interested in this colleague, so listened to this, take the initiative to get close to him, soon naturally have a close relationship.

But together, Xiaobai soon found that this colleague actually has other heterosexual friends and ambiguous relationships. They will also eat together, go shopping together, and talk about cross-border words intimately.

What else can we do? Xiaobai doesnt know. Shes jealous, shes sad, she wants to get angry, she wants to ask her colleagues, but she feels embarrassed.

Because they didnt say anything else, except like her, they didnt promise anything. It seems that they can only be regarded as emotional games that adults all know.

Xiaobai said, does he say that like is fake? Its just a trick?

Naturally, it is possible, but there is another possibility: he really likes you, but he didnt say that he only likes you, so he not only likes you, but also likes others and more people.

Its not a conflict at all. Its a very easy thing, a very common thing, for people who are amorous and fraternal.

If you cant be sure, its possible that he just said like you as usual as good morning and good night.

In this way, he can say to many people. Such likes have nothing to do with love, nothing to do with responsibility, nothing to do with building relationships.

If you want to be serious, you have to torture yourself. Maybe because he likes this sentence, you think a lot of beautiful pictures about love in your heart.

Fantasy goes on with him, fantasy holds hands with him, and lives with him forever, to experience all the good things in the whole life and love with him.

Later, however, it turned out that it was just his mantra. He likes you, just like many people, no difference, no light, no heavy, no pain, no special significance.

If love has nothing to do with love, then there are some people who may say love you directly to you.

Maybe you think its too much, or too strange. In fact, this is normal, just like many people say a lot of promises, but in the end nothing has been achieved or forgotten.

People who are too serious and too innocent may fall into it. Maybe I used a lot of heart, imagined a lot of scenes and the future, and finally the behavior of the other side made me disappointed.

If you dont want to go up and ask, didnt you say you like me and love me? Why are you still with others? Why do you lie to me?

He may also feel inexplicably innocent. Where does he think he has cheated you? He didnt say just like you and only love you, so he has the right to like others and love others, or even more at the same time.

It will make the other party laugh at you for thinking too much, or understanding mistakes too naive, or even too much.

So even if you feel excited when you hear something like like, you should be calm, stable and calm. More cant just because a like on the same.

You have to look at each others performance next. If he shows only like you and only love you, it means that he can accept, or that he can start a relationship.

If the next performance is: you are just one of those he said he likes, then hurry to stay away from him, and dont listen to any cheap popular love words.