Petition: Wei Yinglan Zhan, you are very good, I like you

 Petition: Wei Yinglan Zhan, you are very good, I like you

Lin Hai teacher this forget envy version, the most rare is to add the true feelings of blue Zhan monologue. The monologue is that Wei Ying cant hear it. But minutes are telepathic. This morning, lets look at it word for word. To be honest, I have tears in my eyes. 16 years later, what is the most eager situation for Wei Ying to come back? What is the most worrying situation? Blue Zhans 360 degree consideration, true love.

The rabbit you sent me grew up, and there are a lot of rabbits in Yunshens unknown place. I think you will like it when you see it.

Has Mr. Lin Hai seen the ancestor of the devil kingdom? The rabbit in the petition was raised by blue wing, not sent by Wei Ying.

Sixteen years later, Wei Ying was forced back to Yunshen. When I saw the rabbit, I cried roasted at the first time, but I didnt expect to like it.

On Yiling street, a yuan holds the thigh of Han Guangjun. Villagers all say that a yuan is Lan Zhans child. Well, its also Wei Yings child.

The warmth of his family was almost dead. The rest of a yuan stay in Voldemort cave, and LAN Zhan takes care of it. LAN surname, who do you want to chase?

Your elder martial sisters child has grown up. He is also a good young man. If you come back, he will not blame you.

Wei Ying is in a state of mental disorder all night, more because her elder martial sister died in order to save him. The best senior sister in the world, just leave him.

Jinling is a child without a father or a mother. She will grow up anyway. Now, this beautiful young man stabbed him without complaining about him.

Lotus dock is very good. Its still the way you like it.

Lotus dock? Wei Ying said that he wanted to go back in his dream. After all, I cant go back. There are no Jiang Fengmian and his wife, no senior sister.

However, there were trees that Wei had climbed when he was a child, and there were bits and pieces of trees that Wei had climbed when he was a child. The surface has changed, but its still the same.

Uncle will not punish you for copying rules. If he must, I will copy for you, OK?

The Han Tan cave has been forbidden for three years. The rules of the LAN family brought by LAN Zhan were copied by Wei Ying. He practiced calligraphy. He wanted to copy the rules for Wei Ying?

I bought the emperors smile and hid it in the quiet room. If you want to drink, you dont have to run down the mountain. Ill get it for you, OK?

Its Wei Ying who doesnt have to sneak down the mountain. There are two sons of blue working for him. After all, he came back after a while. Wei Ying, its not convenient.

I asked my uncle if he could add a inside the dog forbidden area to the family rules of Yunshen.

I havent read the novel of ink and copper. Where is the plot? I dont know for the moment. Mr. LAN must not understand. What do you mean?

Do you worry about dogs hurting rabbits? No, No. Yunshen doesnt know where there is no dog. Wei Ying can go wherever he wants.

You are very good. I like you.

At the end of the sentence, when it came out - my heart, it hurt a little. It should be said that I have been in the world of petition for so long. Although we cant talk about being invulnerable, we must have a little immunity. You are very good, I like you originally appeared in Guanyin temple. Wei Ying, the dead pig, finally understood the care of cabbage. Wei Yings timely confession refers to these eight words.

I said it was really liberating to see these eight words. Because, ask yourself: what is this not love? Please everybody, you say. Chen Qingling is just the imprint of LAN Zhans chest, but there is no explanation from the beginning to the end. How did it come about? Why? Wei Ying didnt ask, but he knew it. Now, Mr. Lin Hais authoritative conclusion - Im very satisfied, this feeling has finally been affirmed