Sometimes, women forgive because of love, and men fail because of responsibility

 Sometimes, women forgive because of love, and men fail because of responsibility

Because she originally chose to divorce, and finally forgives her husband, giving everyone a happy ending.

But the wife and Yile obviously did a lot of disappointing things, and obviously everyone didnt think it was worth trusting and continuing to live together.

But a womans heart is still relatively soft, or because she attaches great importance to feelings, because she still loves her husband, it is easy to understand, understand and forgive.

As Xiaoman said: every time your family has a conflict with me, you dont hesitate to stand on their side, always make me bear...

It seems that it is true. Maybe many people still think that Yile is a little foolish and filial. When there is a conflict between his wife and his family, he chooses to deal with the family affairs first.

This may also be the contradiction of many men, relatives can not be lost can not be ignored, love wife can not be ignored, but their ability is limited, no skill, what can we do?

Maybe sometimes, I can only choose to aggrieve my wife, and I hope she can understand myself, stand in the angle of her own embarrassment, and think for him.

Xiaoman, as a wife, has done this, so even though she was born prematurely, difficult to give birth and went to the hospital for rescue, and only came to see her after a few days of fun, she finally chose to forgive him.

Probably also because saw this mans not easy, saw his innocence, saw him to own care, but also sandwiched between oneself and the family members dilemma.

Indeed, Yile family, like a mess, is complex and frightening.

These six old people are not easy to deal with, but they are not the unforgivable villains. They have their own shortcomings and personalities. They are tired to get along with each other.

But in the last part, the mentality that grandpa and grandma, Grandpa and grandma, mom and dad all want Xiaoman to have a son still makes the audience out of control and Xiaoman out of control.

She went back to her mothers house and didnt want to forgive these six old people and Yile. But at the same time, I also hope that they will recognize their mistakes, and that they will take care of themselves and apologize.

Then Xiaoman went to the hospital and gave birth to a baby. Yile was busy with his mothers hospitalization. Then grandma with Alzheimers lost her way and had to look around.

Grandma found home, grandma broke her leg and lived in the hospital. Let go of grandma. There is another dispute in my hotel. I need him to go back to deal with it

The three women in the family, that is, his three elders, one of them cant help him. As an only child, he has to take care of these elders.

In the meantime, he had no idea what his wife was going through. So when he went to see his wife after handling his family affairs, his wife naturally became cold hearted and decided to divorce him.

To see Xiaoman decide to divorce, the audiences psychology is identified. At the same time, Xiaoman gave birth to a boy.

But deliberately concealing that its a girl, when testing the attitude of her husbands family, it also makes the audience very happy, hoping that they will divorce soon and make a lot of people in her husbands family regret it.

Unfortunately, Yiles performance and apology finally moved Xiaoman. When he divorced, he said he would give Xiaoman the house he bought and raise his children together.

This makes Xiaoman see that he still loves himself, but he cant leave that family, cant ignore his relatives.

Even if his family members are easy to get along with and have excessive behaviors, he still cant turn against them or disrespect the elders.

Because he also understood that, in any case, the elders love for him was true. The old thoughts, bad habits and bad characters of the elders needed his tolerance, understanding and tolerance.

But if his wife cant forgive and understand them with him, he cant force either. So he can only agree to divorce, because that is the wifes will.

Many people think that this man has kept his wife and children all by one mouth, and that this man is still too weak and incompetent to go back to that family.

This ending also makes people feel a little bit oppressive, but in life, there are such situations of accommodation and forgiveness. Maybe the mending in marriage means that.

In fact, this is a lot of similar real situations in real life. We all think that women should be firm and ruthless. If they want to see that the mother-in-laws family is not good, they should withdraw, do not aggrieve themselves, and do not bear it.

But the truth is that many women cant make such a decision. For example, they will consider whether to have a father or a child. They will think that as long as the husband is not too much, they will still accept him, forgive him, or go on together.

After all, its a matter of living with others. Whoever has changed will have such friction and contradictions.

Of course, what they think most about is that they still love the man because of love. So long as he apologizes and coaxes himself, he will not divorce easily.

Would rather continue to live with him in deep water and hot water, even if wronged, as long as he comforts enough, can persist, feel worth it. This is their weakness, their tenderness and righteousness.