Middle age, how many people have become dogs!

 Middle age, how many people have become dogs!

Still need to work hard and have fun

Some people have done such a survey, in the 99 Chinese words that can give people pressure, the top three are loans, diseases, and middle-aged crisis.

This result cruelly reveals the embarrassment and helplessness of middle age.

In middle age, we have to fight for money, struggle for life, worry about the health of the elderly, worry about childrens studies, worry about the losing temperature of marriage. All the difficulties come at the same time, and entangle us in them.

Therefore, many people laugh at themselves. The life of middle-aged people is just like a line in Stephen Chows a journey to the West with big words that says: living is like a dog.

All the time by lifes ordeal pain, but also full of embarrassment to persevere. Think of such a news, typhoon Pigeon landing in coastal cities, accompanied by the level 17 winds and torrential rain, pedestrians and traffic have sought shelter.

But in such bad weather, a middle-aged man, regardless of other peoples dissuasion, rushed into the storm and rain, with his tiny body, forced to support the truck to protect it from rollover.

But how can human beings compete with nature?

At first, I exclaimed that he didnt take life seriously, but when I learned about his life background, I couldnt help but lament for his difficulty and sadness. Under the pressure of being old, being a pillar of his family, he needs to earn more money to make a living, and he can earn 150 yuan for a car, so even if he knows the typhoon is coming, he still goes out. On the other hand, this new car represents the hope of a better future for him, even for his family, so he risked his life to try to fight the typhoon Confrontation leads to tragedy.

If there is a better choice, I believe he will not take such a big risk. But under the pressure of life, he has to shoulder the burden and carry on for the happiness of the whole family.

His experience cant help but make people sigh that once people say goodbye to their youth, they are facing an age group that cant help themselves. Under the life of hard and tired, everyone is doomed to the afterlife. When people are middle-aged, they worry about money, work and health. They should not only be parents of their children, but also support their children, busy workers and calm people. They are tortured by the pieces of life day by day.

In middle age, the parents are old and the lovers are cold. All around are people who depend on themselves. The once hot feelings have gradually become the past in the long and dull years, leaving only a relatively silent silence.

This is the real living situation of countless middle-aged people. They are under great pressure and hard to live. They should not only work hard for their responsibilities as young people, but also see through the world and human feelings as old people, without breathing for a moment. However, as a saying goes:

There is no incurable pain, no inexhaustible sinking. All that is lost will come back in another way.

Although people are not as good as dogs in middle age, we believe that the middle-aged crisis, which is no longer difficult to overcome, will also have the past day, knowing that life is not easy, but not complaining, not discouraged, brave and optimistic to all the challenges in life, we can suddenly find that happiness has come to us at a certain moment in the future.


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