Shenzhen No. 1 middle school 20 new teachers 19 Qingbei

 Shenzhen No. 1 middle school 20 new teachers 19 Qingbei

This is not the first time that Shenzhens schools have been attracted by outstanding teachers. In September, Shenzhen middle school also proposed to hire 28 fresh graduates with masters degree or above, and the proportion of graduates from Qingbei was more than half, which caused hot discussion on the Internet.

After the list of super strength recruitment of these schools was issued, it caused hot discussion among netizens. At the same time, some people said that high-quality resources were gathered in Shenzhen. No wonder that the housing in Shenzhen school district was about 20 million yuan flat

20 new teachers of Shenzhen No.1 High School

Nanwai High School announced the list of graduates to be recruited in 2020. In this recruitment, a total of 20 teachers, all of whom have masters degree or above, were recruited, 19 of whom graduated from Tsinghua University and Peking University, and 13 of whom are graduates from the north of Qing Dynasty.

It is understood that on September 26, the schools recruitment working group organized two large-scale on-site propaganda activities in Beijing, attracting more than 100 graduates from Tsinghua University, Peking University, the National Peoples Congress and Beijing Normal University. Subsequently, the recruitment working group received more than 600 new resumes, of which more than one third were job seekers from Qingbei University.

In the recruitment of nanwai high school, 20 graduates were shortlisted for physical examination after on-site application, qualification examination, school assessment and structured interview. The 20 teachers finally introduced by nanwai high school, all of whom have masters degree or above, 19 of whom graduated from Tsinghua University and Peking University, and 13 of whom are from the north of Qing Dynasty.

Shenzhong recruits more than half of Qingbei graduates

On September 11, Shenzhen middle school, the first of the four famous schools in Shenzhen, released the announcement on the official website of the list of graduates to be employed in public recruitment in 2019. It plans to employ 28 fresh graduates, all of whom have masters degree or above, and the proportion of graduates from Qingbei is more than half.

This list of super strength also caused hot discussion on the Internet. Including this super list, in 2019, Shenzhen middle school introduced 34 new teachers, 8 doctors and 3 postdoctors; 22 graduated from Peking University, Tsinghua University, 5 from Harvard University and other world top universities.

Netizens hot discussion: Shenzhen education level is getting better and better

This dazzling list attracted great attention after it was released.

Some netizens praised: Shenzhens education level is getting better and better.

There are also netizens shouting: Qingbei graduated to be a high school teacher, is this to rob the normal universitys job

School district housing is going up again?

Some netizens said that the highest quality resources gathered in Shenzhen district, Shenzhen house prices will rise again.

Among them, the recruitment of Shenzhen south is the school district room, the school district room seems to rise again.

According to the public information, Nanshan foreign language school in Shenzhen is an experimental school established by Nanshan District Peoples Government in September 1995.

In September 2012, the school developed into a modern group school integrating kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and senior high school. There are 12 campuses in ten schools, including Wenhua school, Keyuan primary school, Gaoxin middle school, Dachong school, Binhai middle school, senior middle school, Binhai primary school, Kehua school, science and technology Kindergarten (three) and Taoyuan middle school. At present, the 12 campuses of nanwai group in Nanshan District are located in the science and Technology Park, extending along the beautiful Shenzhen Bay to Shekou free trade zone. The school has won the honors of first-class school of Guangdong Province, Green School of Guangdong Province, China education innovation demonstration unit, national famous school of basic education, etc.

And fund gentleman chooses the school district room of two campuses to come to see immediately, starting price nearly 10 one thousand flat.

For example, Nanshan foreign language Binhai school has 5 nearby campuses with 169 sets of houses. The price ranges from 95000 to 1511, if it is flat, the whole set will start at 8.2 million.

However, the average price of housing in the school district near the Ministry of high tech started at 80000, with a maximum of 173000 per square meter.

Before that, the news of housing boom in Shenzhen school district has been continuously concerned.

According to the media, in recent months, anxious parents and students in Shenzhen have bought some old, broken and small in the real estate market as high, rich and handsome. Data shows that compared with the average transaction price of new houses in Shenzhen in the past three years, in 2016, the average price of houses in Shenzhen was 53454 yuan / flat, and in 2019, the price returned to 53023 yuan / flat, although slightly down. However, in the past three years, the price of housing in several typical school districts has increased by more than 30%.

Especially the small house type. A netizen said in a forum that 28 square meters of the school district housing in Nanshan, Shenzhen, rose by one million yuan in half a year. Although the news has not been confirmed, it is an indisputable fact that the housing boom in Shenzhen school district continues.

Shenzhen is determined to pay attention to education

Shenzhen has created a miracle of economic development in just 40 years, but it has left a lot of debts in the fields of education, health care and other peoples livelihood.

According to data from Shenzhen news network, in 2010, 26532 students were enrolled in the general high school, accounting for 75% of the total enrollment in the general high school. In 2019, it was 355.31 million, with a cumulative growth rate of 38%, accounting for 78% of the total in general high school. In the whole 10 years, the enrollment rate of public high schools has exceeded 50% in two years, respectively in 2011 and 2014.

On August 18 this year, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued the opinions on supporting Shenzhen to build a leading demonstration area of socialism with Chinese characteristics (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). The opinions put forward clear requirements for education work, proposed to support Shenzhen to take the lead in the reform of education system, run pre-school education with high standards, expand the scale of primary and secondary education, and popularize high-quality education in high school u3002 We will give full play to the autonomy of institutions of higher learning in running schools and accelerate the establishment of first-class universities and disciplines. Establish and improve the system and mechanism to adapt to dual vocational education, and build a modern vocational education system.

In the following period of time, Shenzhen has attracted more and more attention due to the introduction of talents in education. Not only the above-mentioned junior high schools and senior high schools attract a large number of graduates from the north of Qing Dynasty to serve as teachers, but also the nearly 300000 year salary recruitment of primary and secondary school teachers and other news frequently appear.

It is believed that with the selection of high education graduates from famous universities to teach in Shenzhen becoming a new normal, Shenzhens education shortage will be quickly supplemented.

Source: Yang Zeyu, editor in charge of China Fund News