When she was 16, she bought a villa. Now at 87, she is even sexier

 When she was 16, she bought a villa. Now at 87, she is even sexier

Although Carmens image is elegant and powerful, her road to success is full of setbacks. Carmens family was very poor when she was a child. Her father, who claimed to be a violinist, ran away from home for her so-called artistic dream. She had to depend on her mother for her life. Clearly, when she was a child, her dream was to be a ballet dancer, but because of her height, she finally went on the road of model.

However, Carmen seems to be a natural model. She started her modeling career at the age of 14. At the age of 15, she was on the cover of vogue magazine. At the age of 16, she bought a villa for herself and her mother. While paying off her mothers debts, she also read for herself. At that time, she became the pillar of her family and the leader of her own destiny.

In addition to the hardships in life, Carmens emotional experience is not very smooth. She has been married three times and divorced three times. Two husbands cheated her of all her savings. One husband, like her father, abandoned her when she was pregnant. But the failure of love did not make her fragile, instead, she became stronger and more beautiful. She once said: if there are no reefs and dangerous currents, you cant make a long life. I am very grateful to those who have hurt me, and I am very grateful to all the hardships I have experienced, because it is these that make me perfect and strong now.

Its true that Carmen is both strong and perfect. Not only that, she also has many titles. She is rated as the myth of the age of American modeling by time magazine, as the most elegant woman in the world by BBC, as inspiration Muse by John Galliano, as well as beauty creation by vanityfair, even her natural silver hair Fashion people read it as fierce elegance.

Maybe there will be setbacks and bumps in life, but you need to know that life will not be perfect. It is because of the hardships that the rainbow is more beautiful after the difficulties. So lets learn from this silver supermodel and strive to be a better self.