Media reports that the U.S. military is patrolling the Syrian Turkish border with Kurdish forces

 Media reports that the U.S. military is patrolling the Syrian Turkish border with Kurdish forces

A AFP reporter saw five armored vehicles with American flags in the north of the northeastern town of gattanye. Reported that the Syrian Kurdish armed forces with these U.S. forces.

A member of the Syrian democratic army, mainly Kurdish armed forces, told Reuters that the U.S. patrol area starts from gattaniya in the West and ends in another town in the East, about 20 kilometers away. The Kurdish militant, who declined to be named, said it would not be a one-off patrol.

Kurdish forces have previously worked with the US military against the extremist group Islamic state. Earlier this month, Turkish troops entered Syrias northern border area to fight Kurdish forces, and the United States withdrew from the area.

However, the United States recently said it would garrison troops in Eastern Syria, in the name of preventing the Islamic state from returning and seizing control of oil fields.

In response to reports that U.S. troops are resuming patrols along the Syrian Turkish border, U.S. - led coalition spokesman for the fight against the Islamic state, miles kagins, said the redeployment of troops to the darzur area had begun.

Delzor is far away from the security zone designated by Turkey on the Syrian Turkish border, and is the main oil producing area in Syria. Gatanye is about 6 kilometers away from the Syrian Turkish border. Syrian Human Rights Watch said the United States seeks to maintain a military presence in gattaniya and tries to prevent Russian and Syrian forces from entering the area east of kamishli, the Kurdish controlled capital.

According to the memorandum of understanding signed by Turkey and Russia on February 22, Russian gendarmerie and border guards of the Syrian side began to enter the area outside the Turkish military operation at noon on March 23, assisting Kurdish armed personnel to withdraw from the Syrian Turkish border to the area 30 kilometers away within 150 hours. After the completion of the withdrawal of Kurdish forces, the Turkish and Russian forces will jointly patrol within 10 kilometers from the east to the west of the Turkish military operation area, excluding kamishli.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Lin Zhiheng