Bear in mind the mission of heavy trust, strive to recreate the legend

 Bear in mind the mission of heavy trust, strive to recreate the legend

Theme party day activities: Pudong Lujiazui Financial City in from November 6 to 7, 2018 November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, inspected Shanghai. This is the morning of 6, Xi Jinping in the 22 floor of Shanghai Center Tower, Lujiazui Financial City Party Building Service Center, and are working together to carry out the theme party day business party members cordial conversation. Xinhua News Agency (photo)

Overlooking the city, Pudong Shanghai Center Tower, in from November 6 to 7, 2018 November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, visited Shanghai. This is the morning of 6, and Xi Jinping looks at the city of Shanghai on the 119 floor of the Shanghai Center Tower. Xinhua News Agency (photo)

In the autumn of 2019, Shanghai inadvertently added several names.

On November 1, the Yangtze River Delta eco green integration development demonstration zone construction promotion conference was held. In this measure, which has become a national strategy, Shanghai is regarded as the leader.

On November 5, the second China International Import Expo will open. This platform, once again defined as Chinas major home diplomacy and announced Chinas firm attitude towards opening up to the outside world, has made Shanghai a reception hall for guests and friends from all over the world.

Different names, different metaphors, tell us the expectations of this city. Behind it, people pay more attention to the mission and responsibility of Chinas largest central city, which is a new legend created by the city with glorious tradition, heavy expectation and national image.

Its a special autumn. A year ago, general secretary Xi Jinping attended Shanghais first China International Import fair and visited Shanghai. In the whole 4 days, Xi Jinping introduced the open, innovative and inclusive character of Shanghai to the whole world, and announced to the world three new major tasks entrusted to Shanghai: the establishment of new Shanghai Free Trade Zone, the establishment of a scientific innovation board and the pilot registration system at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the integration of Yangtze River Delta into a national strategy.

He also raised new expectations for the city he had worked in - better serving the overall situation of national reform and development, promoting high-quality economic development, deepening reform and opening up, deepening innovation in social governance, and improving the quality and level of Party construction.

For this city, the general secretarys visit to Shanghai is of milestone significance - clear positioning, mission and blueprint, and a years struggle in Shanghai is launched.

Li Qiang, Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee, has said on many occasions that the most important thing for Shanghai in the current and future period is to take the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping as a guideline for the fundamental compliance and action of all the work in Shanghai. We should not only put the requirements of the general secretarys tasks into effect, but also use the epistemology, methodology and dialectics contained in the general secretarys important speech to analyze the problems and grasp them. Problem solving.

During this year, Shanghai longchongqing celebrated the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China and the 70th anniversary of Shanghais liberation. In the early days, the city, which achieved through reform and opening up, also celebrated the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. This year, opportunities are ahead, the situation is encouraging and there are many tests. Reform, innovation, development and governance have a lot to do and many problems to be solved.

On many occasions, Shanghai looks back on its own growth history and repeatedly understands the fate and common of the city and the country; Shanghai also constantly reviews its new mission, constantly defines its due position, responsibilities and methods, and constantly boosts its spirit.

Find the base point

At the end of each year, Shanghai municipal Party committee will hold a plenary session to summarize the work of the year and deploy the opening of the next year.

At the Sixth Plenary Session of the 11th municipal Party committee, held at the end of December 2018, the vision went further.

At this time, it was more than a month after general secretary Xi Jinping visited Shanghai. The Shanghai Municipal Committee has not only set the general requirements for the work of 2019, but also made a document for the next period, namely, in-depth study and implementation of general secretary Xi Jinpings inspection of the important speech of Shanghai, and strive to compose the new chapter of Shanghais reform and development in the new era.

In thousands of words of texts, Shanghai in the new era has set its own motto.

We should put Shanghais future development on the strategic positioning of the central government for Shanghais development, under the general trend of economic globalization, in the general pattern of national development, and in the overall deployment of the country for the regional development of the Yangtze River Delta to think and plan -- the opinions make it clear that the four places should become the basis point of Shanghais work.

For Shanghai, this is not a new concept or a new formulation. In 2007, Xi Jinping, the then Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, set the coordinates of the four placed for the city, and emphasized again and again that Shanghais development could not be left alone, nor could it benefit from itself.

It has become an important methodology for Shanghai to look at Shanghai from the perspective of the whole situation and develop Shanghai in serving the whole country. The most important perspective to observe Shanghai as a central city is to see its role in the overall situation of the country.

This year, many Shanghai cadres have further realized the profound meaning of the two words of benchmarking. Every work should always give the general secretary Xi Jinpings new historical mission and strategic orientation to Shanghais development, and the major reform and national strategic tasks assigned to Shanghai by the Central Committee of the CPC.

This year, almost every week, Shanghai receives Party and government delegations from all over the country. At the same time, Shanghai cadres often go out with topics, not only to learn from their brother provinces and cities, but also to discuss and cooperate with each other. No matter in the face of the near neighbors of the Yangtze River Delta or the remote counterpart support areas, Shanghai repeatedly expressed the meaning of accelerating development and hand in hand progress in better serving the national strategy with other regions.

Its not polite. Shanghai knows better that active foreign cooperation, even if it pays more, will open up more space and create greater opportunities. This is also the original meaning of central city as center. City leaders have also repeatedly stressed this pattern and mind. For example, in the Yangtze River Delta integration, a constant and clear concept is that integration is not others borrow our resources. On the contrary, Shanghai, as the leader, should take the initiative to get ahead and conspire with other provinces and cities for 1 + 3 > 4 articles.

What is more intriguing is a kind of ambition and self-consciousness.

To be in the overall situation is to drive the overall situation. For many things, Shanghai should take the lead and explore the way first.

Many things in this year are heavy tasks that Shanghai needs to undertake.

They either want to explore a new path and create a model for the whole country, or help all regions to make better use of domestic and foreign market resources and participate in global value distribution with the help of Shanghais platform, network and channel, or build a new platform at a higher starting point, represent the country to better participate in international cooperation and competition, or even interpret the advantages of the socialist system from a special incision Vietnam and the vitality of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

No matter big or small, the process of undertaking a mission always needs to pay a lot of effort to meet different levels of challenges, not to mention in an environment of increasing uncertainty and increasing risk challenges.

But people remember the expectations of general secretary Xi Jinping: Shanghai should bravely choose the heaviest burden, bite the most difficult bones, and play the role of pioneers, exemplary leaders and breakthroughs. It is a trust and a heavy trust for the state to hand over its strategic mission to Shanghai. Many people also often say a sentence: the critical moment, who give up!

As for Shanghai, taking on its mission and serving the whole country is also a historic opportunity for its own development.

We really have something to do.

When three new major tasks were handed over to Shanghai by general secretary Xi Jinping, people first felt excited, and then came a lot of pressure. Of course, pressure soon turned into motivation.

None of the three major new tasks is a general one. The establishment of a new zone in Shanghai pilot free trade zone is not a simple expansion of space; the establishment of a science and technology innovation board and a pilot registration system is not a simple addition of a board in the capital market; the integration development of the Yangtze River Delta also needs a deep-seated breakthrough and improvement.

A gradually clear consensus is that the three new major tasks bear the national strategy and unite the will of the country. At the same time, they reshape the space of Shanghais development and lead the future of Shanghais development.

Shanghai regards them as the strategic support for the development of the new era, as the key to cope with the current complex situation and win the strategic advantage in the future, and as an important opportunity to accelerate the cultivation of new momentum for development. Because it is important, all measures around them have a compact pace of seizing the opportunity for development; all reforms, innovations and explorations are trying their best to find those things that can inspire people.

At the beginning of November, the prototype of ecological green integration development demonstration area of Yangtze River Delta in the west of Shanghai appeared, while the new area of Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone in the southeast corner has passed the hot double full moon. One east and one west constitute two sectors open to the outside world. Shanghais expectation for them is: two wings fly together.

On August 20, the East Wing gained momentum first. A unveiling ceremony in less than a quarter of an hour opened a new history in Lingang New Area.

Born in the external environment of twists and turns of Sino US economic and trade frictions, the expectation of Lingang New Area is self-evident - it is not only a trump card for the development of Shanghai in the new era, it is the pole that must be broken through; it also represents the dialogue between China and the world, and is branded with Chinas determination to open up.

There is no time for it to hover in the sky, and flying straight into the sky is an inevitable tactical choice.

Ten days after the unveiling of the new film area, the port 50 which shakes the market came out. The 50 new policies, including talent, tax, housing, land planning and industrial agglomeration, have fully fueled the flying into the sky near the port. On the first working day after the policy was issued, the telephone number of the administrative service center near Hong Kong was exploded by consultants. For the first time, the broad harbor Avenue has blocked up cars.

To build a special economic functional area with more international market influence and competitiveness, institutional supply is the top priority. This is not only a question of the strength and speed of reform, but also a question of the key points.

Lingang recently launched several policies to promote industrial development and several supporting measures to focus on the development of four key industries, i.e. integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, biomedicine and aerospace, focusing on the field of neck sticking in industrial development and the key technologies controlled by people, striving to become a policy highland. Market feedback: 56 items are dry goods, which is beneficial to the construction of an open industrial system.

To be a highland not only means to lead in a certain range, but also to demonstrate traction. This is another institutional open wasteland - breaking the original administrative division without changing the administrative division, and exploring a new mechanism of breaking through the traditional system of sharing interests and responsibilities.

In the past year, many practices without precedent are worth mentioning. There is no ready-made textbook for the cross provincial medical insurance settlement in the Yangtze River Delta, but the one pool of water is gradually boiling up from the start of burning one pot of water; on the basis of speeding up the opening of the inter provincial dead end road, the Yangtze River Delta goes further, starting from the peoples livelihood, to carry out the pilot of the bus and passenger transport connecting lines in the adjacent areas; the large-scale scientific instrument and equipment sharing network jointly built in the three provinces and cities of the Yangtze River Delta u201dOn the one hand, there are 23 large-scale scientific devices and facilities, and there are more than 26000 large-scale scientific instruments worth more than 300000 yuan

The consensus of three provinces and one city is to twist a rope, explore the integration system in a real sense, promote major reform initiatives to break through integration, and then have the energy and momentum facing the world and the future, become the Asia Pacific Gateway to allocate global resources, and become a world-class city group with global competitiveness.

In such a view, whether Shanghai plays a leading role or Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces play a leading role, there is an important methodology: the most urgent thing is not to simply supplement their own shortcomings, but to contribute their own long boards, lengthen their own long boards, and re form a larger bucket to hold more water.

This is the view put forward by the leaders of three provinces and one city in May this year. The most significant long board that Shanghai can contribute is the core function of the central city.

And science and Technology Innovation Board is one of its functions.

Since the opening of the market on June 13 this year, science and technology enterprises are eager to try. The semiannual report published by 28 enterprises that landed on the scientific and technological innovation board in advance reveals the gold content of this emerging plate.

Up to now, the Yangtze River Delta enterprises account for 40% of the accepted enterprises in the science and technology innovation board, and nearly half of the listed enterprises in the science and technology innovation board.

The deeper level of reform and innovation lies in the fact that people are gradually used to find out the operating conditions of enterprises in the open and transparent system of science and technology innovation board, to make rational choices in the trading day without the limit of up and down, and to play the long space game under the system of margin trading. It will usher in a profound change and, to a large extent, build a bridge between Shanghais financial center and the construction of science and technology innovation center.

This bridge is also a microcosm - there is no lack of internal connection among the three new major tasks, which will release more energy if they blend with each other; on their own level, the possibility created by striving to break through the pole will be unprecedented.

Focus on key points

In the first half of this year, a group of young engineers from SAIC Group rented at the foot of Donghai Bridge. Faced with massive test data and numerous technical difficulties, when they are too busy to open their eyes, they often think of general secretary Xi Jinpings exhortations to Yangshan port last year: an economic power must be a maritime power and a shipping power.

In November, Shanghai Yangshan deep water port smart heavy card demonstration operation project jointly built by Shanghai Port Group, SAIC Group and China Mobile will realize smart transfer. This will be the first time to realize the commercial landing of 5g + automatic driving heavy truck in the world, and will help Yangshan port to accelerate the construction of a leading intelligent port in the world.

In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghai Port continued to rank first in the world in terms of container throughput. Dongfang Dagang maintained its speed of scale, but pursued more development quality. From the Yangshan phase IV automation terminal, which was put into operation at the end of 2017, to todays smart heavy truck, which is driverless in the whole process, Shanghai has injected new power into the efficiency and quality change of the international shipping center through the worlds leading innovation policy source.

In the past year, Shanghais strivers in all walks of life have taken the initiative to explore and embrace change. The power of change has become the support to overcome difficulties and cope with the challenges of downward pressure on the economy, as well as the driving force to lead growth and lead to high-quality development.

Since last year, the pressure on the external environment has increased, especially the impact of external shocks felt by Shanghai. In the first three quarters of this year, Shanghais economic growth returned to the six speed, and on the new level of 3 trillion yuan of total economic output, the overall economic operation is still stable, steady and improving.

No matter how the external environment changes and how uncertain, our goal of stable growth remains unchanged, and the stability of our own development remains unchanged. Through unremitting efforts, we are confident to achieve the economic growth target for the whole year. On October 20, Ying Yong, deputy secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party committee and mayor of Shanghai, said at the press conference of the 31st Shanghai mayor international entrepreneur consultation conference.

Inch land, inch gold used to refer to the high price of urban CBD land. Now in Shanghai, it means high value and high output.

From Jingan Temple to Lujiazui, from the New Area in the east to the demonstration area in the west, in this year, to improve the urban economic density and input-output efficiency has become the consensus of Shanghai. From the planning concept to the practical action, Shanghai is focusing on the high-end link of the value chain, facing the world and the future, opening a new sector of high-quality development.

Behind the figures, the quality of Shanghais development is confirmed: energy consumption has fallen, and the energy consumption per unit GDP of the city has dropped by nearly half in eight years; the benefit has come up, and the land output value per square kilometer of the citys industrial park has increased by 1 billion yuan in five years.

The higher concentration of the concentration, the stronger level of radiation - this is the function that Shanghai attaches great importance to. Shanghai has been ranked in the top five in the global financial center index for two consecutive years, and the gap between Shanghai and the top four is narrowing. At present, Shanghai has established a complete financial market system, gathered a large number of Chinese and foreign financial institutions, and has become the forefront of financial opening up in mainland China, the Pioneer Area of financial reform and innovation, and one of the best areas for domestic financial development environment.

Todays Shanghai international financial center not only attracts more foreign institutions to Shanghai, but also comprehensively enhances the global high-end resource allocation capacity through seamless docking with the world. In London, you can buy securities from Shanghai Stock Exchange; in Tokyo, Japan, you can invest in Shanghai stock market index; in most parts of the world, people can trade Shanghai oil and Shanghai gold Thanks to the construction of Shanghais international financial center, more and more people around the world are paying attention to the financial voice from Shanghai because of these financial products, mechanisms and prices that are in line with the international market.

In the industrial field, Shanghai also has its own focus.

Since this year, Shanghai has focused on three emerging industries, i.e. integrated circuit, artificial intelligence and biomedicine, vigorously revitalized the real economy, injected new momentum into high-quality development, and built a new foundation for upgrading the industrial system.

Since the first quarter of this year, the scale of output value of Shanghai biomedical industry has exceeded that of fine steel manufacturing for the first time, which has become a new sign of transformation and upgrading of Shanghais industrial system. In the first three quarters, driven by a number of major projects in emerging industries such as integrated circuits and new energy vehicles, Shanghai industrial investment continued its double-digit growth.

Their grasp is innovation. Five years ago, general secretary Xi Jinping named Shanghai to build a center of technological innovation with global influence. One year ago, one of the general secretarys instructions to Shanghai was to enhance the ability of innovative sources of policy.

Last year, for the first time, R & D investment in Shanghai exceeded 4% of GDP. Since this year, Chinas core, innovative medicine, intelligent manufacturing, future car, blue sky dream and other advanced manufacturing industries have been growing, and innovative policy sources are becoming a powerful driving force for high-quality development.

Turn fulcrum

I havent seen such rapid development in other places. China is the future. The future is very exciting. At the world artificial intelligence conference in September this year, mask, the founder of Tesla Motors, came to Shanghai again.

This is not the first time he has praised Shanghai speed and China speed. In less than a year, his Tesla super factory opened in Shanghai, and he was amazed by the speed of the process from approval to commencement.

He is not the only one who laments Shanghai speed.

Thirty years ago, William Keller, a Swede and former general manager of Roche pharmaceutical China, came to Zhangjiang and looked at the endless farmland. He couldnt imagine earth shaking changes will happen here.

In May of this year, the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal Committee made a special study on the work of Pudong New Area and deliberated and passed several opinions on supporting the reform and opening up of Pudong New Area and realizing high-quality development in the new era. It was proposed from four dimensions of system innovation, economic development, government governance and green ecology to promote pioneering reform, leading opening-up and pioneering innovation in Pudong.

From the countryside to the Development Zone, from the comprehensive reform supporting experimental zone to the free trade Experimental Zone, in the 29 years since Pudongs development and opening up, the land has concentrated the cold and warm of Shanghais modernization construction and the great achievements of Chinas reform and opening up. Today, Pudong, which is about to stand at the 30s, has reached a new starting point. To start again, it is still eating reform, taking the road of opening up, and playing innovation.

How to solve the problem, only reform is a popular saying once heard in the streets of Shanghai. Today, in the face of complex changes in the external environment, unbalanced and inadequate contradictions, and periodic, structural and institutional problems, reform is still the fulcrum of development.

Take the lead in opening the first negative list in the field of investment management in China, and take the lead in building a brand of all in one government service This year, among the 36 innovation and reform measures replicated and promoted nationwide, Shanghai experience accounted for 1 / 4.

In November last year, Shanghai took the lead in issuing 27 opinions to support the development of the private economy. In view of the practical problems encountered by the private enterprises, Shanghai took the initiative of reform for the enterprises and created a good market environment for the development of the private economy. The leaders have promised that Shanghai will build a better development environment for the private economy with a larger mind, vision and vision, so that enterprises will feel fair, just, predictable and confident.

Since this year, Shanghais economy has been running smoothly under pressure, and the continuously active private economy has played an important role. In the first three quarters, 1429 new enterprises were set up every day in Shanghai, an increase of 7.4% year on year, and private enterprises continued to be the main force of new economic forces in Shanghai.

At the same time, as an important measure of the central government to deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, Shanghai regional comprehensive reform experiment of state-owned enterprises has been officially launched. Shanghai has formed more than 20 specific operation plans for reform projects, involving the distribution of state-owned assets, industrial integration, enterprise classification, overall listing, enterprise leadership management and other fields.

More reforms are aimed at the needs of the market and at the forefront of the world.

In October this year, the World Bank released the latest business environment report, with Shanghai and Beijing as the evaluation samples, Chinas business environment ranking rose 15 places, leaping to the worlds 31.

Benchmarking the worlds top is Shanghais policy. This is a kind of self pressure, and also a basic body position. As a window facing the Pacific Ocean, the most important temperament and advantage of the city is openness.

In this year, Shanghai accelerated the exploration of new opening rules, continued to relax market access, and accelerated the establishment of a new open economic system through comprehensively deepening reform. Shanghai is also striving to build one functional open platform after another, including the upcoming second China International Fair. This year, the whole city is following the goal of better and better, further implementing Chinas major initiative to open its market to the world, and giving full play to the spillover effect brought by the fair.

In order to further amplify the spillover driving effect, Shanghai has formulated seven major aspects and 50 measures. Shanghai is speeding up the construction of Hongqiao bonded exhibition and trading center for imported commodities and other functional platforms, and is committed to building a distribution center for import and export commodities linking the Yangtze River Delta, serving the whole country and radiating to the Asia Pacific region. Through the implementation of measures such as year-round bonded exhibition and trading, and preferential tax treatment for sales of exhibits, the fair will help more high-quality goods, services and technologies enter China.

Opening up forces reform, and reform promotes opening up. When openness encounters uncertainty and hesitation on a global scale, Shanghai just needs to emphasize its firm belief in these two words. It is not only a development strategy, but also a deep-seated character and quality, and even a value that must be adhered to.

There have been several special meetings in Shanghai this year.

March, education conference. All the main leaders of the four sets of teams attended the conference, which had not been held for many years.

In May, the on-site promotion meeting of pension services was held. It is rare to focus on only one special topic with a combination of high specification, large scale and research + field meeting.

In September, the on-site promotion meeting of kindergarten work. Still maintain the scale and specifications of the promotion meeting of the elderly care service in May.

There is often learning behind what meetings and how to hold them. In 2019, in Shanghai, peoples livelihood concerns have been raised to a high level.

The biggest action is around the old. On the basis of previous field research on the old reform, Li Qiang, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, took the old district reconstruction and urban renewal as topics in the first batch of never forget the original mind and keep the mission in mind theme education this year, and carried out research in baoxingli, the Bund Street, to form the research results of the old reform. During a revisit to baoxingli in September, Li Qiang once again stressed that we should firmly grasp the bottleneck restricting the old reform and solve it one by one.

It is known to all that old, small, old and far are the four problems, and old is the big problem. It is not only about peoples livelihood, but also about the reshaping and development of urban space. From the most difficult point, it just shows Shanghais attitude: when it comes to the vital interests of the masses, we must find a solution no matter how difficult it is.

To push forward the old reform, we should, in the final analysis, put ourselves in the same place and compare our hearts. Shanghai officials have been repeatedly reminded, what if our parents, brothers and sisters live in these houses? This year, the transformation of old districts in Shanghai has been accelerated significantly. It is expected that 550000 square meters will be completed by the end of the year, 29000 households will bid farewell to old houses and exceed the annual target.

Think about it more deeply. As long as the heart is used, the brain is used, and the strength is used, what kind of livelihood problems cant be solved?

From another perspective, peoples livelihood is also a development opportunity. A slight adjustment of the governments vision and gestures will often open up a new situation. For example, in addition to the traditional sense of security, pension can also be an economic work. After guiding and cultivating, it may be the next industry standing at the level of 100 billion; in kindergarten, in addition to supporting the bottom, the government also supports enterprises and institutions to hold supporting institutions in their own sites, and starts to change from leader to the leader and balancer of all forces.

There is a similar perspective in the observation of the countryside. The huge suburban villages are faced with the reality of aging population, land and industrial structure. But if we put it under the overall development pattern of the city and look at its positioning and function again, we will find the potential opportunities behind the word far - it is not only the burden of peoples livelihood that needs to be coordinated as a whole, but also a piece of white paper full of opportunities, an innovation spring to make up for the lack of urban functions, with important strategic position and unique value.

A few months ago, in a three-story building in Xinfeng village, Zhangjiang Town, Pudong New Area, a dozen young employees from Shanghai minimally invasive medical devices (Group) Co., Ltd. lived in. Through leasing a number of idle farmers homestead houses, the town is built into rural talent apartments, which not only solves the problem of talent residence, but also bridges the urban-rural binary opposition. Such rural revitalization is undoubtedly organically combined with urban development. And similar explorations are blooming in many places on the outskirts of Shanghai.

Old, small, old and far, on the surface, are four problems, but in fact, it is one problem - through them, Shanghai should put forward the governance plan of super cities with Chinese characteristics. In the process of seeking refined governance, any complex and difficult situation must point to scientific, legal and intelligent urban operation mechanism.

This years National Day Bund provides a highly complex urban operation test ground. At 18:50 on October 2, 220000 citizen tourists stopped at the Bund at the same time to refresh the record of instantaneous passenger flow in the Bund. But just 50 minutes ago, the public security department decided to suspend the passage of motor vehicles along the first road in Shandong Province, forming a temporary Pedestrian Street for tourists. Thanks to the one network unified management of Shanghais ongoing urban operation, traffic police can adjust measures in real time according to the accurate real-time data of the large passenger flow monitoring system, while maintaining the safety bottom line, to maximize the protection of the interests of the citizens.

Today, massive data is still being imported into this network to provide support for urban operation management and emergency response. In the future, greater significance will be shown with the realization of sharing - after the information systems of public security, housing and construction, transportation, emergency management, water and other departments are opened, the difficulties, pain points and risk points of urban management will be real-time dynamic perception, intelligent analysis and prediction, and under the high-speed operation of the same urban brain, more efficient and collaborative processing results will be obtained.

Revisit origin

Efficiency is needed in many aspects of Shanghai - development, governance and Party building.

Improving the quality and level of Party building is a question Xi Jinping always asked about Shanghai. Shanghai also knows that as the birthplace of the party, the construction of the party should be in the forefront.

In the context of constantly improving quality and level, Party building is not virtual, but highly pragmatic. The white-collar youth in Lujiazui Financial City have experience. In the 22 floor of Shanghai Center Tower, which was visited by general secretary Xi Jinping, the party building service center of Lujiazui financial city not only allowed them to live in organizational life, but also helped to solve the difficulties of eating, traveling, seeing a doctor, and socializing. In Xiaoyangshan Island, on the coast of the East China Sea, tens of thousands of employees also benefited from the joint efforts of the party organizations in Shanghai and Zhejiang, ushering in the long-awaited home gate medical station.

There are also old houses with elevators, garbage sorting and other trivia, behind which there are often Party organizations and Party cadres. For the majority of Party members and cadres in Shanghai, there is a first heart that needs to be looked back on.

In the early June of this year, the party members and cadres in Shanghai received four special examination questions: how to keep the passion in the early stage of entrepreneurship and create a new development legend in the new great era? How can we continue to be at the forefront of reform and opening up in China and play a pioneering, exemplary, leading and breakthrough role? How to better represent countries to participate in international cooperation and competition and create a long-term sustainable and irreplaceable core competitiveness? How to make people who work and live in this city happier and meet peoples higher expectations for a better life?

Asking questions is the beginning of the theme education of never forget the original mind and remember the mission. The four questions were quickly summed up by the media as four questions for the first time. They asked about the development direction of Shanghai, and more about the mental state and responsibility of each party member and cadre.

Shortly after the launch of the four questions for the first time, the Shanghai municipal Party committee held another plenary session. Several opinions of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China on Further Strengthening the construction of cadre team and taking on the new mission in the new era were deliberated and adopted at the meeting, which made many cadres feel very uplifting.

The leaders of the municipal Party committee also specially emphasized that party members and cadres do not live in a vacuum, but also worry, worry and worry. They should use the care of the organization to mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the cadres. Through effective reform, they should firmly support the officials and never block the grassroots cadres.

In various discourses, people read a kind of guidance: in Shanghai, Whoever has the ability, who has the potential, who is the first to succeed, who is the first to go ahead, so that cadres who have done well and made achievements have a stage, a future and a head.

For the cadres in Shanghai, facing the present stage, they need to take a more unusual state. According to the expectations of general secretary Xi Jinping, they should be passionate, creative and brave.

The birthplace of the Communist Party of China is also the origin of the partys original intention. Over the past few months, many people have visited the site of the first and second National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the four memorials, returned to the origin and looked back. Its not just about looking back, its about looking forward. As long as they are aware of Shanghais historical status and practical tasks, Party members and cadres in Shanghai will realize what they have to do - not to be indifferent and indifferent, but to use their emotions with heart and to think about it; not to be slow and leisurely, but to be diligent and vigorous; not to be hot and cold, but to be persistent and passionate.

Todays Shanghai still needs to maintain a hot and fast-paced entrepreneurial atmosphere, still need to light up the bright lights and light up the night war of entrepreneurship, and still need to pursue the entrepreneurial footprints of cutting through thorns and twists and turns. Li Qiang said at the plenary session of the municipal Party committee. A few days later, he stressed once again that Shanghai cadres need to be able to see it in ordinary times, stand at key times, and be free from danger.

In many details, people see this state. In August, media reporters walked from the 4th floor of the management committee office building of Lingang xinpian district to the canteen, inadvertently aiming at seven boxes of instant noodles in the corner of a leading cadres office. People close to Hong Kong explained that its normal to have meetings, work overtime and cut down on the time for meals. They hoard instant noodles for a rainy day.

Many regional cadres are used to two ways of working. One is standing office -- some enterprises are limited by the small production space, the district leaders understand the situation in the investigation, immediately call relevant personnel to stand on the spot to discuss, half an hour to finalize the solution; the other is high-speed rail conference -- every time on the high-speed rail to foreign investment, the district leaders and the heads of functional departments always sit in the car to talk, review the characteristics of the enterprise, comb Manage business needs

During the year, many people left behind new stories and new insights. Its too late today, too early tomorrow, too late. plan tomorrow with the day after tomorrow, because tomorrow is today This is not the soul chicken soup, but the real struggle and understanding of Shanghai cadres.

Before the 70th birthday of the peoples Republic of China, Shanghai sent out a sigh: we should learn valuable experience from the extraordinary course of the 70th year of the peoples Republic of China, from the red gene and revolutionary tradition of this city, stir up the strength to move forward, and strive to create a new legend for the development of Shanghai in the new era with the spirit of never slacking off and the attitude of indomitable struggle, so as to increase the development of the cause of the party and the country Add new luster.

For the whole city, the new struggle may be just beginning.