Hong Kong media exposed the new role of Hong Kong elements on-line netizens: there is nothing to do with it

 Hong Kong media exposed the new role of Hong Kong elements on-line netizens: there is nothing to do with it

According to the Hong Kong News Network reported on Monday, in the discussion area of Liandeng, where Hong Kong rioters gather, someone posted that there was another so-called new role among the demonstrators - single block division. Tiewen said that when the speed dragon team arrived at the scene to catch the mob, the single block division was responsible for suddenly rushing out to block the speed dragon, leaving time for the demonstrators to retreat. In this regard, some netizens criticized that there is no need to use its extreme and any dirty tricks can be figured out.

Screenshot of Hong Kong News Network Report

According to the report, the poster claimed that he had gone to Mongkok to investigate the situation. He didnt bring any (weapons) or wear (masks). He just stood on the street and watched the interaction between the police and the protesters and the neighborhood. He said that he found a special situation, that is, at the crossroads, the speed dragon team rushed out to catch people, and an uncle suddenly appeared, collided with the speed dragon, the uncle fell to the ground, and his glasses all flew. After the speed dragon was blocked by the uncle for a few seconds, the mob retreated for a few more seconds. He found that the uncle was used to block the Velociraptor alone, which he called single block division.

The poster also listed several conditions for being a single block division: first, to be fully dressed as ordinary citizens; second, not to stand still and turn around; third, not to obstruct the law enforcement of the police, or it will be considered as a demonstrator; fourth, the elderly have priority. The purpose of this is to block the rapid advance of Velociraptor and cover the demonstrators behind.

Screenshot of Liandeng discussion area (photo source: Hong Kong News Network)

After this post was issued, there was a discussion among Hong Kong rioters. Some people said that it could be said that velong was fouled by doing so. Others said that they had played several times, and they must pretend to eat peanuts (stand by) and do not shout slogans. Some people also leave a message saying you can be told to block the office work.

After the news reached the mainland, some microblog netizens joked, its a hit.. Some netizens criticized that there is nothing but extreme and any dirty tricks can be figured out.

According to reports, it is not strange for the rioters to mention playing the role of a neighborhood deliberately blocking the law enforcement of the Hong Kong police. On the evening of August 25, a shocking scene took place in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong: one second ago, hundreds of thugs, holding iron bars, chased the Hong Kong Police and beat them up, forcing them to hold guns to warn them; the next second, a thug wearing a gray vest and holding a weapon ran out of the road and knelt down to the police, suspiciously asking the police not to shoot.

At that time, the netizens who watched the scene couldnt help commenting on the actor: the acting is so good that it can be called a movie emperor.

Hong Kong News Network mentioned in the report that the silver haired people mentioned by Hong Kong rioters in the comment area have also been reported. According to Lianhe morning post, on October 12, some silver haired people in Hong Kong launched a police chief sit in silence for 48 hours to support the arrested people in the practice storm. Netizens criticized that for money, for the old do not respect.

At the end of the report, the radical protesters shouted love Hong Kong and constantly changed their identities, which made people dazzled. They freely switched between various roles, but in fact, they were only deceiving themselves. Dont forget that a mob is a mob.

(photo source: Hong Kong News Network)

Source: editor in charge of global network: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331