What happened from Carnival to differentiation of blockchain concept stocks

 What happened from Carnival to differentiation of blockchain concept stocks

On October 31, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, pointed out in an interview with the media that although blockchain supervision has achieved initial results, the road of supervision is still very long. Now, the development trend of blockchain supervision technology is as follows: tracking and visualization of blockchain nodes; penetrating supervision technology of alliance chain; active development of public chain The system structure and standard of chain management.

From Carnival to differentiation

On October 28, as soon as the morning market opened, more than 100 stocks were trading in the two cities, with the influx of funds, and the block chain concept plate opened higher, driving the three stock indexes of a shares to rise. By the end of the day, the Shanghai index was up 0.85% to close at 2980; the Shenzhen composite index was up 1.46% to close at 9801; the growth enterprise market index was up 1.74% to close at 1704. The blockchain sector rose 8.8% on average, with all 52 stocks in the sector up.

Among them, Kaiying network, Xinhu Zhongbao, Zhejiang University network new, Kelan software, Annie shares and other nearly 100 blockchain concept stocks have collective trading limit.

On the afternoon of October 24, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee conducted the 18th collective learning on the current situation and trend of blockchain technology development, Xinhua reported. It is proposed to take blockchain as an important breakthrough of independent innovation of core technology, clarify the main direction of attack, increase investment, focus on tackling a number of key core technologies, and accelerate the development of blockchain technology and industrial innovation.

On October 28, driven by the concept of blockchain, other sectors were also sought after. The digital currency concept board rose by 9.97%, the electronic payment concept board rose by more than 6%, the it, software services and Internet board rose by more than 5%, and the biotechnology and telecommunication services board rose by more than 4%.

By the end of November 1, there were 3 trading stops in wind blockchain concept sector, 65 concept stocks rose and 44 concept stocks fell.

Focus on hot stocks

While blockchain has become a hot word in the capital market, Chen Chun, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the blockchain research center of Zhejiang University, is also deeply concerned.

In addition to serving in Zhejiang University, Chen Chun also served in Zhejiang Universitys listed company Zhejiang University Network New Technology Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang University network new, 600797. SH). In 2001, Chen Chun was the new president of Zhejiang University. From 2002 to April 2010, he was the new chairman of Zhejiang University. Since then, he served as the honorary chairman until April 2014.

Zhejiang University. Com has invested in a blockchain enterprise, interest chain technology. Chen Chun is the chairman of the company.

According to the data, in June 2018, fun chain technology completed more than 1.5 billion B rounds of financing, becoming the first quasi Unicorn enterprise in the blockchain field, with a post investment valuation of about 3 billion yuan. In August 2016, fun chain obtained a series of pre-A financing of RMB 17.5 million from Zhejiang University network, xinyada and Junbao communication. Among them, Zhejiang University net new and xinyada invested 5 million yuan.

At present, Zhejiang University net holds 2.81% of the new shares, and xinyada announced in May 2019 that it plans to transfer 5.7201% of the equity of interest chain technology held by it, i.e. 1.5 million yuan of capital contribution to ideal International Holding Group Co., Ltd. or its designated third party, with a total of 85.802 million yuan. After the transfer, sinyada will no longer hold the equity of interest chain technology.

In December 2017, interest chain technology completed a round of investment of tens of millions of yuan. The investment institution is Yadong star, an investment platform under Guo Guangchang of Fosun international. In April 2018, Xinhu Zhongbao obtained 0.48% equity and 2.27% equity of interest chain technology with 2.576586 million yuan and 12.24579 million yuan. At that time, the value of interest chain technology was about 500 million yuan. In May of the same year, Xinhu Zhongbao signed an investment agreement with Qu chain technology through Zhejiang Xinhu intelligent brain investment management partnership, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. It plans to transfer the capital contribution of 190946400 yuan held by five shareholders of Qu chain technology with 109 million yuan, and to subscribe the new registered capital of 19.5929 million yuan of Qu chain technology with 1121 million yuan. After the completion of capital increase, Xinhu zhinao investment holds 49% of the shares of interest chain technology.

In addition to fun chain technology, new lake Zhongbao has made frequent efforts in the field of financial technology, including its shares in Hangzhou Yunyi Network Technology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Qumei Information Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Xieyun Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Yunying Network Technology Co., Ltd. and capital increase Zhejiang Bangsheng Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, Chen Chun is the chairman of harmonic cloud technology and Bangsheng technology.

Regulatory concerns

When blockchain is highly sought after, about 100 listed companies have announced their involvement in blockchain through announcements or interactive platforms. According to the data of tonghuashun, as of January 26, 2018, the number of A-share blockchain concept shares was 52. Up to now, more than 500 listed companies have announced that they have direct or indirect relationship with blockchain.

On October 26, meiyingsen said on the interactive e-commerce platform that the core products of Zhejiang Oracle super Code Technology Co., Ltd., a joint-stock company of the company, involve the area of blockchain. Before that, meiyingsen announced on October 25 that the research and development of industrial hemp seeds applied to artificial meat products has achieved phased results.

According to public information, meiyingsen is a company mainly engaged in research and development, production and sales of packaging materials and labels.

On October 28, Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a letter of concern to meiyingsen, asking for a detailed description of the contents to be released, and disclosing the share reduction plan of Wang Haipeng, the controlling shareholder of your company, and Wang Zhijun, the second largest shareholder of your company, on April 20, 2019, indicating whether the company uses the concepts of industrial marijuana, artificial meat and blockchain to hype the share price to cooperate with the shareholder reduction.

In addition, Jingu announced on October 28 that it had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hangzhou Jianan Yunzhi Information Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a joint venture to integrate the blockchain technology with automobile maintenance.

According to Jin Gus announcement on October 25, sun Fengfeng, sun Jinguo, sun Liqun and sun Shuhong, the actual controllers, have pledged 339 million shares, accounting for 93.57% of the total shares of the company. Among them, part of sun Jinguos shares have been released from pledge and re pledged, and part of sun Liquns shares have been pledged for extended repurchase and supplementary pledge.

Up to now, many companies have received letters of concern and inquiry from the exchange, and some companies have issued announcements to clarify.

Wang anshong, an analyst at Guojin securities, told the economic observer, the core of blockchain is decentralization, which provides a new and more effective solution to solve the trust risk of intermediary institutions, reduce transaction costs and improve collaboration efficiency in a multi-agent environment. For example, Wang Ansong said, we all know that the demand for cross-border payment is growing. There are inevitably a large number of centralized credit intermediary and information intermediary in traditional cross-border payment, which reduces the efficiency of capital flow and increases the cost of capital flow, making a cross-border payment need to be completed at least 24 hours. The application of blockchain for cross-border payment can not only provide 7x24 hours of uninterrupted service, but also reduce a large number of manual reconciliation operations in the payment process and greatly shorten the clearing and settlement time.

However, although blockchain has many application scenarios in traditional financial fields such as cross-border payment, it is still in its infancy at the level of technology application and overall. According to Wang Ansong, there are two main logic lines in the blockchain sector at present: first, the state Internet Information Office issued two batches of domestic blockchain information service names and filing numbers in March and October this year, and the relevant lists can be followed; second, the status of blockchain patents.

From the perspective of the market on the 28th, Wang Ansong said, most of the trading boards are blockchain stocks, with high overall attention and activity, but the overall market is still short of funds. He said that the overall trading volume in the morning was greatly enlarged, but there was no significant volume in the afternoon, which reflected the local blockchain fever, but the overall rebound of the market was limited.

In addition, in the fourth quarter of this year, A-share restricted shares will usher in a wave of lifting the ban. The market value of lifting the ban ranks the third since 2015, after the first quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2019, which is also expected to have some suppression on the market. But at present, the technical aspect is good. On the whole, it is expected to be a wide shock. The expected value should not be too high. The key is to pay attention to the situation of trade consultation.

For blockchain, Guosheng securities proposes that 2019 is the first year of blockchain commercial application. First of all, with continuous improvement of blockchain technology, the traditional problems of small scale and low efficiency have been partially solved. Blockchain has developed mature in terms of performance, ease of use and operability, which can support large-scale commercial applications. Second, blockchain laws and regulations and regulatory system have been improved step by step. Blockchain filing is conducive to the overall development of the blockchain industry, which is a step forward in blockchain technology As the first step of standardization, more and more enterprises can apply it formally. We are optimistic that blockchain will take the lead in the application of supply chain finance, copyright protection, legal storage, energy trading, etc., and we are optimistic about the independent and controllable blockchain platform technology service provider.

Source: editor in charge of economic observation network: Yang Zeyu ufe63 nf6036