Exposure of 10 billion private placement positions in the third quarter: Wang Yawei continues to reduce positions in Sanju environmental protection

 Exposure of 10 billion private placement positions in the third quarter: Wang Yawei continues to reduce positions in Sanju environmental protection

From the perspective of industry distribution, among the 28 industries of Shenwan level, private equity holds the most shares in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical biology and mechanical equipment industries, 85, 84 and 74 respectively. There is no sunshine private placement in the top ten outstanding shareholders list of the banking sector, three less than the reporting time in half 2019.

From the perspective of stock market value, wind data shows that the market value of 23 privately held stocks at the end of the period is more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, Guizhou Moutai (600519) has the highest market value of private equity. As of the end of the third quarter, it has been held by two private equity products, totaling 8.119 billion yuan, far exceeding the market value of 6.95 billion yuan of Guosheng financial holding (002670), the second largest. BYD (002594) also has a private equity market value of more than 6 billion yuan, or 6.036 billion yuan.

Privately held A-share listed company with a market value of more than 1 billion yuan in the third quarter of 2019

In terms of concentration, a total of 11 shares are held by more than 5 private equity products. Among them, dongxulantian (000040) is held by 7 private equity products at the same time, ranking first, with a total of 197 million shares. Yichang Jiaoyun (002627) and Guangdong Ganhua (000576) are respectively held by six private products.

Concentration of private equity in the third quarter of 2019

Sun Chen (603755) and Hanchuan intelligent (688022) are held by five new private products, with 1510000 shares and 630000 shares respectively.

Hanchuan intelligent is a science and technology innovation board stock, a professional integrated solution supplier of intelligent manufacturing equipment, mainly engaged in the R & D, design, production, sales and service of intelligent manufacturing equipment in automotive electronics, medical health, new energy battery and other industries. In the first three quarters, Hanchuan intelligent achieved a net profit of 35.536 million yuan, an increase of 25.5% year-on-year (compared with the same period of last year); the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies after deducting non recurring profit and loss was 30.27 million yuan, an increase of 42.93% year-on-year.

At the same time, the situation of position adjustment and share exchange of well-known private funds is also exposed with the disclosure of the third quarter report.

Gao Yi asset: exit from Ping An Bank (00000 1)

After the reduction in the second quarter, Gao Yis assets completely dropped out of the top ten shareholders list of Ping An Bank.

According to wind data and Chaoyang wealth data, in the third quarter of 2019, five private placement products managed by Feng Liu, star fund manager, Deng Xiaofeng, chief investment officer, and sun Qingrui, managing director, appeared in the top ten shareholders list of 38 stocks.

Specifically, Deng Xiaofengs products appear in the top ten circulating shareholders list of eight listed companies, with a total market value of 3.122 billion yuan.

Zijin mining, which had the highest market value of Xinjin in the third quarter mentioned earlier, was Xinjin by Deng Xiaofeng. Its two products together held 308584500 shares, with a market value of 1.009 billion yuan, which shows his preference for the shares. He also entered Wandong Medical (600055), holding 17678400 shares in two products, increased Chengde Lulu (000848), Hesheng silicon (603260), continued to hold Hongfa shares (600885), Haizheng Pharmaceutical (600267), etc.

At the same time, the products managed by Deng Xiaofeng reduced their holdings in foster (603806), Guangwei composite (300699), etc., and withdrew from the top ten shareholders of Sanhuan group (300408), Ping An Bank (000001), Zhonghuan Co., Ltd. (002129), etc.

Gao yilinshan No.1 Yuanwang fund, managed by Feng Liu, is currently listed in the top ten circulating shareholders list of 28 listed companies.

Feng Liu is good at value investment and is famous for his deep insight into consumption, medicine, retail and other industries.

He holds nine new shares, including Zhongqi stock (300575), Changchang logistics (603569), Sanqi mutual Entertainment (002555), Jixiang aviation (603885). Three shares of Lizhu group (000513), Longping high tech (000998) and Chenxin Pharmaceutical (603367) have been greatly increased, with 13 million shares, 12 million shares and 13.2 million shares respectively. The latest market value of shares is 880 million yuan, 439 million yuan and 347 million yuan respectively. Among them, the performance of Lizhu group is very beautiful, with an increase of 68.47% in the year.

At the same time, he reduced his holdings in Sofia (002572), Lingrui Pharmaceutical (600285), Kangyuan Pharmaceutical (600557), Jinyu medicine (603882), Hexing packaging (002228), hailide (002206), state inspection group (603060), Guangri Co., Ltd. (600894), and withdrew from the top ten circulating shareholders of five companies, including Xinhua medical, China Science and technology transmission, precision forging technology, Ma Yinglong, and Weixing Co., Ltd u3002

In addition, Gao Yiqing Rui No. 6 Ruihang fund, managed by sun Qingrui, general manager of Gao Yi assets, also appeared in the list of shareholders of two listed companies in the third quarter, namely, OPP CommScope (300595) and Beida Pharmaceutical (300558), holding 2.6916 million shares and 2.1503 million shares respectively.

Danshui spring: long term holding of Goethe shares (002241)

Danshui spring has always been known for being good at reverse layout in the industry. According to the data of private drainage network, the average income of Danshui spring this year is 35.21%. According to the third quarter report, Zhao Juns Danshui spring selection phase I appeared among the top ten circulating shareholders of 12 stocks. In the third quarter, Xinjin Huayu software (300271) held 9.12 million shares and Xinjin Zhongmu (600195) held 4.53 million shares. In addition, it also increased positions in crystal Optoelectronics (002273), Sanhuan group (30048) and Wuyi (000797) of China.

It is worth noting that Danshui spring has long held Geer shares (002241). The fund has been buying Geer shares as early as 2014 and has been holding it for a long time. It continues to stick to it in the third quarter, and now ranks the 7th in the top ten circulating shares of the company. In this quarter, due to the concept of wireless headphones, Goethes share price doubled in the third quarter, with a year to date share price increase of 174.1% and the latest share price of 18.63 yuan.

In the third quarter, the position of Jinglin assets changed slightly, and no individual shares were added or withdrawn. According to the data, Jinglin assets continued to hold fuanna (002327) and Dahua shares (002236) in the third quarter, with minor adjustments. Compared with the second quarter, Jinglin assets increased its holdings of Dahua shares by about 2.26 million shares in the third quarter, with a market value of about 500 million yuan. In addition, fuanna was reduced by about 1.06 million shares, with a market value of about 45 million yuan.

Qianhe capital: continue to reduce the holding of Sanju environmental protection (300072)

Qianhe capital, formerly a public offering elder brother and under the leadership of star fund manager Wang Yawei, appeared in three listed companies in the third quarter of this year, with a total market value of 250 million yuan. Specifically, Yunfeng securities investment trust slightly reduced its holding of Sanju environmental protection (300072), still holding 36.3175 million shares. This is the fourth quarter of Qianhe capital to reduce its holdings in Sanju environmental protection. In addition, Yunfeng No. 6 Securities Investment Trust holds 2.2 million shares and 900000 shares of yilianzhong (300096) and Jiangsu Thorpe (600746).

How to get to the aftermarket?

For the trend of A-share market in the fourth quarter, most private placements are cautiously optimistic.

According to the survey of private placement, the average position of strategic private equity funds is 66.55%, up 3.11% month on month compared with 64.54% in the same period last month, but it is still at the level of the next five months.

In terms of specific position distribution, the survey results show that 11.07% of private placements are currently in full position, which is the same as last month. However, the number of private funds with medium and high positions has increased, of which 79.39% are in or above 50% positions, and the number of private funds with more than 80% positions accounts for 43.13%, which is significantly higher than last months data. As a whole, private fund managers increased their positions slightly after the National Day holiday in October.

According to yuanlesheng, the A-share market has shown a volatile trend in recent months. On the one hand, the market is worried about the constraints of monetary policy easing, and on the other hand, some investors need to cash in earnings at the end of the year. Historically, there are many game factors in A-share market in the fourth quarter, among which some investors have the demand to cash in the income at the end of the year. This year, the yield of many institutions is at a relatively high level in history. In the fourth quarter, there will be a game brought by public funds competing for ranking, so the impact of this factor will be more amplified. However, these are relatively short-term factors. In the long run, when the market feels more stable growth measures or monetary policy constraints are broken, the A-share market will usher in more obvious investment opportunities, which is still in the process of accumulating strength.

In terms of promising companies, Chongyang investment believes that there are mainly two types: one is the new economy companies in line with the direction of economic transformation and development, and the other is the old economy strong ones that can win in the stock adjustment.

Source: surging news editor: Yang Zeyu, nf6036