Who will pay for your sorrow?

 Who will pay for your sorrow?

We are embarrassed to refuse others, we are embarrassed not to agree to others, we try our best to do others affairs as our own, but what we gain is often not that sincere feelings.

No one will find us sad, after all, you and I have more than all the ability to hide.

We think we can digest our sorrow, but we dont know that it has come to us. Between our thoughts, the sadness will be like the flood of the breakwater.

No matter how many people say hello, there will always be a person who comes out and accuses you of being bad. Its our own to be happy, but its our own to be sad. You dont care about yourself, and no one will care about you. The people who really care about you dont want to make you sad.

Our actors role seems to be always a clown. We try to amuse others, but no one understands our sadness.

The more people we care about, the less people who understand us. If you can, I hope you are not so sensible and kind-hearted, you will not be so sad.

Your sorrow, or a person to pay, we choose our own way, or a person to go. In this life, too many people meet, but too few people accompany you. Life is like a train with no return. Happiness is your own and sorrow is your own. Seize happiness and stay away from sadness.