Liverpool look forward: Arnolds one hundred milestones: the Reds are unbeaten in 28 league matches

 Liverpool look forward: Arnolds one hundred milestones: the Reds are unbeaten in 28 league matches

Confrontation history

In history, the two teams have played 48 times, with Liverpool winning 26, 10 and 12. From 2014 to 2016, the two sides fought six times, with Liverpool winning 3, drawing 1 and losing 2. The historical battle did not completely crush Aston Villa. However, in the last confrontation between the two teams, Liverpool beat Aston Villa 6-0 away in 2016. Moreover, that season, Liverpool only ranked eighth in the Premier League, and todays Liverpool is not comparable to the past.

Highlight 1: Liverpool are determined to win the promotion

Liverpool turned Tottenham 2-1 in the last premier league match, and still beat Arsenal on penalties in the midweek Carling Cup. Villa, who lost 3 goals at Manchester City in the last round, will face the leaders Liverpool this weekend, which will be another tough challenge for them. It can be said that, in the situation of great disparity between the strength and state of both sides, Liverpools away challenge for promotion is naturally a must.

Highlight 2: Arnold welcomes one hundred milestones

The away game against Aston Villa is a very meaningful game for Liverpool general Arnold, who will usher in 100 landmark games in his career. After such a milestone, Arnold will become the fourth young player in Liverpools history to finish 100 games. On October 7, Arnold turned 21. It can be said that Arnolds future at Liverpool is limitless.

Highlight 3: Liverpool are unbeaten in 28 league matches

This season, Liverpool are unbeaten in the first 10 games of the Premier League, winning 9-1 and leading the Premier League with 6 points. Considering the 2018-2019 season, Liverpool have been unbeaten for 27 consecutive league matches, with 22 wins and 5 draws, which is the longest unbeaten record in the era of the Premier League. In this game, if Liverpool can play away at Aston Villa and remain unbeaten, it will set a new unbeaten record in the Premier League.

Injury report

Aston Villa: Davis (injury doubt), grayish (injury doubt)

Liverpool: Klein, Keita (doubtful), mattip, shakri

Forecast first

Aston Villa (433): 1-heaton; 24 Gilbert, 22 Engels, 40 mins, 18 target; 7-mckinley, 11 nacamba, 14 hollyhaan; 21 elhatch, 9-wesley, 10 grayish

Liverpool (433): 1 - Alison; 66 - Arnold, 6 - lovelen, 4 - Van Dyck, 26 - Robertson; 14 - Henderson, 3 - fabinho, 5 - vinaldum; 11 - Salah, 9 - fermino, 10 - MANET

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