When will the chaos of private financing stop?

 When will the chaos of private financing stop?

About the pioneer news, after Zhang Zhenxins sudden death, he fell into silence and the huge debt problem remained unsolved.

Make bold assumptions and be careful to prove them. In order to find out the truth, the author has contacted many pioneer investors and obtained many contract materials. He has calmed down and turned pages, checked one by one, studied little by little, inquired step by step, and found a professional lawyer to discuss in person. The doubt of pioneer finally dissipated.

As for the actual destination, there is no way to know.

The vanguard system involves the scattered exchanges, as do financiers, guarantors, financing platforms, etc., which also brings difficulties to the supervision and disposal. One example is that the main body of financing of individual exchanges is mainly enterprises from other provinces, which has not made any actual contribution to the economy of the province. However, the local financial regulatory authorities are now busy with resolving risks, even to the point of arranging special posts to receive complaints.

Unfortunately, avant-garde is obviously not a case. In recent years, such incidents happen frequently, and the routine cant change without its family. In the context of economic downturn, the risk exposure accelerates.

Therefore, the financial supervision department also began to reflect. On August 24, after the publication of the article pioneer doubt cloud, a deputy mayor who was responsible for financial supervision found the author and systematically elaborated his constructive ideas on online private financing supervision, hoping to cause more reflection and promote the healthy development of the industry.

It is hoped that the chaos such as private financing will be stopped early. This requires that practitioners should not forget their original intention, always be in awe, and regulators should have a sense of responsibility and wisdom, so as to realize the transformation from post-processing to in-process and pre supervision. Let the living water of finance flow into the real economy and into the hands of people who really need it.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Yang Zeyu