National electronic cigarette network sale flameout! Hundreds of billions of market value plate changed dramatically?

 National electronic cigarette network sale flameout! Hundreds of billions of market value plate changed dramatically?

Electronic cigarette is a special kind of tobacco product, which is generally composed of cigarette oil and smoking utensils. The oil is mainly made of nicotine and is atomized by electronic cigarette set to be consumed by consumers.

As a supplement to traditional tobacco products such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes have great health and safety risks, especially for minors. At present, many countries in the world have banned or strictly restricted the sale of electronic cigarettes. There are more than 40 countries or regions that have made clear legislation or officially announced to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes.

According to the latest data, 37 people in the United States have died of diseases related to electronic cigarettes, and more than 1800 people have suffered lung damage due to the use of electronic cigarettes. At present, the domestic electronic cigarette market is in chaos, and the product quality is uneven. A large number of products have serious quality and safety risks, such as unsafe ingredient addition, smoke oil leakage, poor battery and so on. In particular, in order to improve the attractiveness of products, some electronic cigarette enterprises add various additives at will to change the taste and color of electronic cigarettes, which has a serious harm to the physical and mental health of consumers, especially minors.

According to the survey, many e-cigarette enterprises take young people as the focus of Internet marketing, mislead consumers with propaganda against objective facts such as help to quit smoking, health and harmlessness, and list e-cigarette as the representative of young, fashion and trend to induce minors. Many parents of students report that their children are attracted by online e-cigarette publicity, and can easily buy e-cigarettes through e-commerce platform. They require the regulatory authorities to further take strict measures to prevent minors from being infringed by e-cigarettes, and strongly appeal to all sectors of society to stop the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

In this regard, the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the State Administration of market supervision and other departments will further strengthen the supervision of e-cigarettes. The notice clearly requires:

All kinds of market entities shall not sell electronic cigarettes to minors;

Urge the e-cigarette production and sales enterprises or individuals to close the e-cigarette Internet sales website or client in a timely manner;

Urge the e-commerce platform to close the e-cigarette stores in time and remove the e-cigarette products from the shelves in time;

Urge the enterprises or individuals that produce and sell e-cigarettes to withdraw the e-cigarette advertisements published through the Internet.

According to the circular, the departments of tobacco monopoly administration and market supervision and administration at all levels should strengthen the publicity, implementation and implementation to protect minors from the infringement of electronic cigarettes. The competent department of tobacco monopoly administration shall strengthen the market supervision of electronic cigarette products, strengthen the monitoring, dissuasion and suppression of the promotion and sale of electronic cigarette through the Internet, and investigate and punish or notify the relevant departments of all kinds of illegal acts found according to law.

Some e-cigarettes are still sold online

On the afternoon of January 1, Yueke, an e-cigarette brand, announced that it would terminate all online sales and advertising, resolutely support and implement the decision of banning e-cigarette online sales, and Yueke will not serve minors.. By the time of publishing, Yuekes official wechat mall had ceased to operate.

According to qixinbao information, relx Yueke was founded in January 2018 and is an electronic cigarette brand of Shenzhen Wuxin Technology Co., Ltd. In June 2018, Yueke obtained an angel round financing of RMB 38 million from source capital, IDG and Sequoia China. This year, we got two rounds of financing.

The e-cigarette brand flow ferro also issued a notice on the official platform, saying that it firmly supports the national laws and regulations, the notice on further protecting minors from e-cigarettes issued by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the State Administration of market supervision, and expressed great joy at the release of the notice, and would fully cooperate with the relevant policy adjustment.

Luo Yonghao is a partner of Ono, another e-cigarette brand. Just 20 minutes before the announcement of the two departments on November 1, Luo Yonghao also forwarded the news that vvild Ono disposable atomized electronic cigarette was officially launched on the e-commerce platform.

Xiaoyes customer service staff told Xiaobian that they are currently negotiating with relevant departments; they will never sell e-cigarettes to minors; there will be a formal notice to inform users at the first time.

A shares these companies are involved in e-cigarettes

According to wind data, up to now, there are 7 listed companies of A-share e-cigarette concept, including Jingjia, meiyingsen, Hetai, Shunhao, Yiwei lithium energy, Dongfeng and Yingqu technology. The latest market value of seven companies totaled 107.4 billion yuan.

CCTV 3.15 evening party reported that e-cigarettes can also release harmful substances, harm the health of smokers and passive smokers, and also make people dependent on nicotine. Affected by this, on March 18, the decline of e-cigarette related concept stocks expanded, and Shunhao shares fell for a time.

In 2014, Yiwei lithium energy acquired 50.1% equity of mcwell with 439 million yuan. As a result of multiple transfers, as of September 2019, the proportion of the companys equity holding in mcwell fell to 37.55%. Mcwell is a company specializing in the R & D, production and sales of electronic atomizer and open electronic atomization equipment APV. After years of development, the company has become one of the largest electronic atomization equipment manufacturers in the world.

Data shows that in 2017-2018, macwell achieved revenue of 1.566 billion yuan and 3.434 billion yuan, and net profit of 220 million yuan and 785 million yuan. In the first half of 2019, macwells operating revenue was 3.274 billion yuan, and its net profit was 970 million yuan.

It is worth mentioning that on September 16, Yiwei lithium energy announced that it plans to transfer its 35.67% equity of mcwell to SIMORE (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. after the transfer, the company no longer directly holds the equity of mcwell, but indirectly holds the equity of mcwell through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yiwei Asia.

Since its listing, Yingqu technology has been labeled as electronic cigarette by the secondary market. According to the 2018 financial report, Yingqu technology ranked the first among the above seven companies in terms of profit. The net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company for the whole year was 814 million yuan, but the year-on-year growth rate was still down 17.30%. According to the data, the main business of Yingqu technology is to provide customers with the R & D and production of intelligent control parts, innovative consumer electronics and other products. The main revenue source of the latter is the production of precision plastic parts of electronic cigarettes.

Photo source: Yingqu technology financial report

Evonik technology acquired 51% of Skolls equity in November 2018. Its main business is the production and sales of e-cigarettes, and the company provides assistance for the intelligent upgrading of its production line. In the first half of 2019, the companys e-cigarette business realized an operating revenue of 135 million yuan and a net profit of 38.5672 million yuan, which is a new growth point of its performance.

Source: editor in charge of daily economic news: Yang bin_nf4368