Turkey submits plans to the United Nations to repatriate 2 million Syrian refugees

 Turkey submits plans to the United Nations to repatriate 2 million Syrian refugees

According to the micro news of the UN news officer, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has proposed a plan to resettle hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Syria to the UN Secretary General Guterres who is visiting the country. Last month, Turkey launched an attack on north-eastern Syria to expel Kurdish forces and create a so-called border security zone for the resettlement of returning refugees.

According to a statement issued by the office of the spokesman of the Secretary General of the United Nations after the meeting between the two sides, both Secretary General Guterres and President Erdogan expressed their full support for the ongoing meeting of the Syrian Constitutional Council. This is the first time that the Syrian government and the opposition have held face-to-face talks in nearly nine years of brutal civil war.

The secretary general is deeply grateful to Turkey for its strong cooperation and support to the United Nations, the statement said

During the meeting, Erdogan submitted to Guterres the new settlement area plan for the repatriation of Syrian refugees. According to reports, the Turkish government plans to repatriate 2 million people. Since 2011, some 3.6 million Syrian refugees have crossed the border into Turkey, a northern neighbour.

Guterres stressed that the return of refugees must be based on the principles of voluntariness, security and dignity. He told Erdogan that UNHCR, in accordance with its mandate, would immediately set up a team to study the proposal and discuss it with the Turkish authorities.

The United Nations said that after President trump decided to withdraw U.S. forces from the northeast of Syria, Turkey launched an attack on the region on October 9, which worsened the already grim humanitarian situation. 180000 civilians have fled the border area, including into neighboring Iraq.

Turkey said its attack was justified and called the former US ally who once occupied the area, the main Kurdish militia in the process of fighting against the terrorist group Islamic state of Ili, a terrorist.

In addition to the Syrian issue, Guterres and Erdogan also exchanged views on several ongoing situations in the region, including Yemen, Libya and the Middle East peace process.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Shi Jianlei