Take a look at the 500 yuan master in India. Xu Zheng and Tao Hong are all fans

 Take a look at the 500 yuan master in India. Xu Zheng and Tao Hong are all fans

After nearly a week of searching, Indian tax authorities found that the undisclosed income of Bhagavan, the countrys spiritual master, exceeded 6 billion rupees (about 590 million yuan), including a large amount of cash and jewelry, which will be summoned by law enforcement authorities, the economic times reported on October 23.

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Master of spiritual cultivation BAGUAN

The spiritual master, originally called Vijay Kumar, was born in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is 70 years old.

He used to be a quiet little citizen. In his early years, he was engaged in the work of selling insurance. He was an ordinary life insurance salesman. One day in 1989, he suddenly claimed that he had obtained the will of God, claiming that he was the 10th incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu God, the kaleji on a white horse.

BAGUAN and his wife, AMA

BAGUAN claims that he is the first complete incarnation of God in more than 20000 years. If human beings do not cooperate with him, they will not be inspired and eventually gradually perish.

Amabhagavan has set up a spiritual school, Oneness University, in Chennai, southern India, for worshiping and spiritual practice.

5000 rupees at a glance

In the process of continuous preaching, BAGUAN collected a lot of property. On October 18, after receiving the accusations of land grabbing and tax evasion from the organization, the Indian tax authorities began to investigate BAGUAN and his sons. Finally, with the efforts of more than 200 people for six days, they found that the undisclosed income of BAGUAN exceeded 5 billion rupees, and seized 930 million rupees of gold headwear and diamonds.

Subsequently, Indian tax corrected the value of the seized items, saying it had seized assets of Rs. 1.06 billion in various properties and offices in BAGUAN, including cash of Rs. 450 million, gold jewelry and diamonds of Rs. 410 million and foreign currency of Rs. 200 million.

Ambagan pass

According to AFP on October 22, in order to thoroughly investigate the man, about 300 tax officials in India launched an inter provincial investigation, and searched more than 40 real estate under the name of BAGUAN within 5 days. The process of starting stolen goods by tax officials has been fruitful: they have collected 2.5 million US dollars in cash, 90 kg of gold and a large number of diamonds, with a total value of about 100 million yuan; moreover, various investment documents and commercial documents with a total value of about 400 million yuan have been found in the survey.

Annie Yi sells lessons

Earlier this year, Taiwanese film star Yi Nengjing was selling lessons on Weibo - spirituality courses. The online exposure of the spiritual training course video shows that the students are dancing and crying like they are in a magic state.

Yi Nengjing was criticized by the official microblog of Chinas anti cult and Chinese police for being suspected of spiritual pyramid selling in the spiritual cultivation course. Then she apologized and deleted the microblog. It is understood that the spiritual training course of ineh is originated from India, with a 3-day course cost of 10800 yuan and the background of Oneness University in India. Netizens picked it out. Xu Zheng, Tao Hong, a leading movie star in China, and Zhang defen, a spiritual writer, were also involved in the University.

In an article published on January 18, 2019 by xiredoji, director of Beijing Buddhist monk Lin, the Oneness University of India mentioned in the yinongjing incident has the nature of heresy, it is said that the amabaguan written in yinongjings microblog is actually two people, and the two people are still two. They use the Indian University of oneness to recruit students, formerly known as Oneness University. I first noticed that the University publicized the end of the world in 2012 on its official website around 2010, and used it to control the believers spirit. This is a typical heresy. Over the past years, I have been engaged in the work of anti cult, which makes me realize that all organizations that preach the end of the world and take this opportunity to control the spirit of believers have more or less the characteristics of cult organizations. The courses of Oneness University spread a set of courses of oneness of body and mind created by themselves. To put it bluntly, it is a new religion. They changed some incantations or methods of Buddhism and Christianity, borrowed some practices of Buddhism and Hinduism, and put together such a set of courses, a mixture of these religious elements. The course is free and expensive. All courses under the banner of body and mind growth, energy field improvement, consciousness awakening and so on, are almost the same. Those who teach often call themselves enlightened persons, and hang a string of this certificate behind their names. Those who are founders and dont understand meet this kind of person and think that they have met a superior person. These courses are often expensive and the content is kept secret.

He said that in recent years, all kinds of courses under the banner of mind and body have entered China, and the fees are very expensive. The contents of the professors all claim to be original, but people can see the clue at a glance. These courses are just to change some contents of traditional religions into new ones. The integration college combines Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity, which is very similar to the unified religion defined as heresy by the Chinese government. In fact, over the years, those physical and mental courses that have been introduced into China have changed the theories and methods of some traditional religions, packaged and sold with modern elements. Those who take these classes know little about traditional religion. I hope you can understand its essence and not be fooled easily by it.

There are risks in learning and learning, and you should be cautious in getting started

Pei Yong, former deputy director general of the State Bureau of religion and editor in chief of the original Buddha, once published an article on January 18, saying that although stars or celebrities have artistic talent or ability to attract gold, they do not necessarily have wisdom and experience in the field of spiritual belief, and they can distinguish between good and evil. If they are not good, they are easily bewitched and trapped in it. At the same time, because of its great social influence, it also brought a group of fans and the public into it. Some of them may have no malicious intention, but they do harm to others objectively.

Source: editor in charge of Global Times: Dai Wenjia, nb12498