Chinese students injured by their ex girlfriend killed by a jury

 Chinese students injured by their ex girlfriend killed by a jury

Recently, two years ago, a murder involving three Chinese students studying in Canada has made new progress. In February 2017, two 19-year-old male Chinese students in Toronto suffered a serious physical conflict due to their relationship with a third party. One of them was seriously injured and died. The injured was charged with second degree murder by the police. On October 30, 2019 local time, the jury found the defendant guilty of manslaughter and will be sentenced.

Two years ago, the murder caused a stir and attracted the attention of the consulate. In the early morning of February 7, 2017, Hao Zhi Wang, a foreign student, and another student, boqiao fan, had a physical conflict in a house. Wang Haozhi was injured in the head and was sent to the hospital by a friend. After that, he died. Fan boqiao, the new boyfriend of Wang Haozhis ex girlfriend, was arrested by the police and charged with second degree murder.

According to CCTV, Wang Haozhi went to high school in Canada in 2014 and was studying in a language school before he was ready to apply for University. Van Bojo was at a private school in Toronto. Police said the case did not involve any guns or weapons. The conflict is related to their emotional problems with Tan Mou, a Chinese female student studying abroad. The deads roommates said that on the day of the incident, they had two physical conflicts, the second one was particularly serious.

Wang Haozhis roommate once said that they had tried to block fan boqiao, but was pointed out by the latter and said, do you know who I am?. When the roommates prepared to call the police and ambulance, they were stopped by Tan. Wang Haozhis mother once said that his son and Tan had not been in regular communication with their parents for two years.

After the incident, the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto paid close attention and negotiated with the police to take all necessary measures to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the two students.

It is reported that in March 2018, the first trial of the case was held intermittently for one month. The two sides of the prosecution and the defense could not reach an agreement and could not form a plea agreement, so they could only be solved by jury trial. In September 2018, the prosecution and the defense held a closed meeting under the chairmanship of a judge of the Ontario high court, and agreed on the trial date, which is set to October 2019.

According to local media reports, on October 30, 2019, a jury found the defendant van Bojo guilty of manslaughter. The family of the deceased will submit a statement of the victims influence for the judge to consider sentencing before sentencing. If the maximum sentence of manslaughter is life imprisonment, the defendant can apply for parole after serving 7 years.

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolis Daily: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331