What is the experience of having a rich boyfriend

 What is the experience of having a rich boyfriend

That is, after a certain age, their boyfriends are no longer good-looking.

I dont want to think theyre choosing reality. But how to say, from time to time to their state, one quickly quit his job, every day shopping malls, a daily sun bag, on Five flavors are mixed, theres a kind of time. Im also getting old. It seems that the heartbeat or hormone produced by good-looking faces is a matter of the last century.

I think I miss someone in Lujiazuis very nice and expensive bar in summer. I think theres no color around and 300 glasses of wine cant taste. Can she understand my friend sitting opposite me now. There is also a bit of affectation of disappointment, heart, pure heart, really so So it doesnt matter.


I think the most lonely time is when people dont understand, how can you still want to be with someone you like very much.

Every time I write an article that I want to be with someone I like, someone must comment on it

You are too young to understand anything. Love means nothing. In the future, you have to deal with firewood, rice, oil and salt. Its good that your husband can handle it.

In the future, if you want to choose a tutoring class for your children, your husband can afford this money. You must want to contradict me today, but when you get married, you will find that I am right.

Alas. But Im only 24. I know love thief is not reliable, but I still need it, this is my choice, friends.

I also shed tears for the good-looking boys, I watch romantic movies, and I scream for Darcys confession in Pride and prejudice. If I look at this kind of film, I am full of thinking, wow, Elizabeth married the rich king, how to do it, then I dont know what I experienced.


Is it important to live with money.

But Ill spend my whole life with people who dont love each other I find it hard to imagine.

Now the fashion on the Internet is that if you marry someone with money, you cant afford more money. But I dont think that many people who marry someone with love cant afford to eat or wear clothes. Whats the difference between money and love? You can buy several Chanel when you are bored, but its not the fundamental solution to the problem that you can buy them all.

I didnt mean that all people cant see money in their feelings. I found that the problem of more people is that they dont know what they want in their feelings.

My judgment to myself is that I am young, no big pressure for the moment, and I can shed tears for good-looking boys. So I know that I need to face the accusation that you are too young and ignorant. I need to make myself richer, workhard, so that I dont really have to look at other peoples savings before deciding whether to stay together.

I pay the price for a good face.

Before, my friend said that you are suitable to be an emotional blogger. I said why, because I still face control. The other side said no, because you know what you want in your feelings.

In fact, my recent understanding of feelings is also that the real problem is not exactly how your partner is, so the real problem lies in yourself, your ideas, your direction, how you think about love, and what you need in a close relationship. You have to think about these things first, and you have to choose between them.

And to grow, you have to face the different perceptions of intimacy that people around you have.

Some people think that intimacy is hand in hand with sex, some people think its fighting together, some people think its spending time together, and adjusting measures to local conditions, strengthening themselves, not blind comparison, not being promoted, will find a way to really get along well with their feelings. In this way, I can understand the girl who chooses her boyfriend who can bask in a big bag.

The kind of girl who has a good relationship with me is not a lucky girl, but a smart girl - if you know what you want, dont worry about it. They are happy because they are not greedy, have their own ideas and have a clear mind.

Happiness is never only about who the people around you are, but more about whether you are smart enough and awake enough? The quality of the other half determines the quality of some feelings, but your brain can really determine the direction of a feeling.

Dont be greedy, dont be blind, know what you want, dont compare and complain more.

Such a girl can really control the feelings.


Girls with good feelings are not lucky girls, but smart girls - who know what they want, dont worry about more.

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