90percent of giraffes are gay? Dont look at animals in the eyes of people

 90percent of giraffes are gay? Dont look at animals in the eyes of people

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Some people say that 90% of giraffes are gay. Is that true?

90 percent of giraffes are gay. Lets accept who we are and live who we are, said dawn Butler, a British congresswoman, who attended the event

Although Butlers remark is to advocate teaching homosexuality is normal courses. However, Lachlan Stuart, a senior domestic policy adviser to Jeremy corbyn, the leader of the British Labor Party, insisted that same-sex physical contact between giraffes observed in the wild was not homosexual at all but a fight for support status.

Stephanie Fennessy, director of the giraffe Conservation Foundation in Namibia, thinks Stewart is right. While I fully agree with butler that we should accept people as they are, she is wrong to think giraffes are gay, Finnish said. Sometimes they pretend to mate with each other, which is also a dominant behavior. Dogs do the same. When you see them kissing, they are actually fighting. This is a vicious circle. They will kill each other.

Dr. Natalie Cooper is a life science researcher at the Museum of natural history. She looks at it in a slightly different way. According to her understanding of giraffe research, same-sex kissing, licking, rubbing and mating are not always aggressive. In fact, they may not be aggressive at all. Many intimate behaviors are common not only in male giraffes, but also in female giraffes. At the moment, I dont think we have enough research to explain why males do this, Cooper said. Giraffes are usually surrounded by females, so its not just because there are no females.

Even so, its not right to call giraffes gay. Giraffes have no sexual orientation, Cooper said. Thats what human beings have. In any case, regardless of their preference for homosexuality, all giraffes have heterosexual sex, or at least they do. They will not form a couple.

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