No one can refuse a woman who dares to say I want

 No one can refuse a woman who dares to say I want

Later, she chatted with the leader, only to know that the colleague had applied for three times actively;

But she herself, because embarrassed to speak, was directly ignored by the leadership.

Since childhood, we have been taught to be humble and low-key;

Because the gun hits the first bird, he learned restraint early.

But unconsciously, too many opportunities are lost:

The girl who didnt dare to express her love is the boy who is more active than you;

There are so many opportunities. Whoever strives for benefits, let alone grievances, is the reality.

There was a controversy in the show please put the actors in place.

When practicing a play, Yu Xiaotong, an actor, feels that his lines are too few to be ignored by the audience;

Chen Kaige thought that he was not satisfied and suggested that he snatch the play.

In order to gain opportunities for himself, Yu Xiaotong added drama without the directors knowledge;

I designed a face for myself, which was very popular during the performance.

Although he didnt make the final promotion, Chen Kaige appreciated his efforts:

I think its very valuable.

Im often asked how people who dont have a good hand can counter attack.

I always answer: whoever wants to be more lucky has to rob it by himself.

In the wild times, you cant eat or live without robbing;

Long live period, concubines do not rob can not stand pet, can not stay.

The law of the jungle does not easily favor anyone.

What you are different from each other may be just a little scheming.

So I advise you to change as soon as possible, and dont wait for the day when your mind is broken.

On the other hand, Ive seen so many people who didnt catch a good card at all, but didnt reach for it at all.

When I was a child, I dare not raise my hand to ask the teacher for the last candy;

When I grow up, I am embarrassed to say that the project is my own credit;

Even those who like it are robbed by the enemy of love, before they have time to express their love;

Do you know whats more frustrating than I cant?

Its I could have..

The film directed by Zhang Yimou won the Silver Bear Award in 2000.

But when Zhang Yimou came to the stage, Zhang Ziyi decided to follow him.

The next days headlines were pictures of both of them.

And Zhang Ziyi, because of this appearance, has won the attention of the media all over the world.

Who can stop a woman who writes her ambition on her face?

Her extroversion is more popular than her pretentious refusal and concealment

When watching the TV play fog, I can feel the same feelings about Gao Huilan.

But I started from the beginning to the end, especially like me who was active in answering when I was in school.

Some people cant see it anymore. They kindly tell her:

Even if you keep raising your hand, they wont answer your question.

And she said confidently:

But in this way, everyone knows Gao Huilan.

This strong desire for expression made her become a news anchor from the bottom reporter and a woman that all women wanted to imitate.

And I also because of similar experience, in school success was remembered by the teacher, when the monitor.

People who want to win, you can say that they are scheming, but also can not deny their achievements.

Only when you are fierce enough can you leave the people who are similar to you far behind.

But you will miss a lot of highlights. Its a pity.

Chinese people always pay attention to self modesty and harmony, and build a strong style.

And the word ambition sounds unsettling;

Those who are willing to show off and show off themselves are always unpopular.

Its like a crane standing in a chicken flock. The chicken says to the crane: you will be eaten if you are too conspicuous;

As a result, an artist fell in love with the crane at a glance and bought it at a high price and moved to a private garden.

No one can say well about the future;

But creating opportunities for yourself is the necessary condition for success.

In 2017, I began to write books, and people around me didnt understand or support it.

A friend told me directly that not everyone can be a writer. Dont dream any more.

I didnt retort. I smiled back, if only I could.

Yes, it sounded arrogant at that time. We should start from scratch.

But why not?

To do a big thing, we must have a strong desire;

Others dare, you dare; others dont do, you do.

You have a chance to live a life they cant even think of.

Remember the question:

Who are the people who have played a bad hand?

In the stories of famous people, there is a thousand favorite answers:

I know I will be one.

I like this unfettered ambition:

Even before I see the dawn, I believe I can overcome the long night.

If you are not willing to live your life now, you can click reading at the end of the article and regard today as the first day of the rest of your life.

Dont let the warm water dilute your color and dream of becoming a general.

Life will live this time. If you dont win this time, dont be reconciled.