Holland welcomes the F-35 fighter crossing the water gate but is blown away by the foam pilot.

 Holland welcomes the F-35 fighter crossing the water gate but is blown away by the foam pilot.

In accordance with international practice, the Dutch air force dispatched two airport fire trucks to welcome the first f-35a fighter arriving at the base in the way of Watergate. When the f-35a fighter named f-009 slowly drove through the middle of two fire trucks, the two trucks sprayed water as planned. However, there was an accident in the process of spraying. A fire engine did not spray the water in accordance with the original plan. Instead, it sprinkled a fire foam, which made the first F-35A fighter of the Holland air force instantly get stuck up.

The Dutch air force welcomed the arrival of the first F-35 fighter with Watergate.

F-35 fighters are all fire-fighting foam.

The host who saw the scene was explaining couldnt help laughing, and the pilot was also quite embarrassed. The live camera also gave him a close-up of facial expression. Fortunately, the F-35 fighter jet was full of bubbles and had little impact. The reception ceremony continued.

It is reported that a Holland air force F-16 fighter pilot found smoke in the cockpit and landed in an emergency. A fire engine was waiting to be dealt with, and the water jet was changed into a foam. After the mission came back hastily, I forgot to change the foam pattern back to the water spray before causing the accident.

F-35 fighter jet full of bubbles

The pilots face is muddled: how is it different from what he said?

In an interview with the Dutch newspaper trouble three months ago, Dutch defense minister ank bieveld said that the Netherlands would purchase another batch of F-35 fifth generation fighters from the United States, with the number of eight or nine. He said most of the 1.5 billion euros allocated by the Dutch government for defense by 2024 this spring will be used to buy more F-35 fighters. According to the plan, the funds will also be used to improve the working conditions of staff, develop digital technology and train special forces.

A few years ago, the Dutch government approved the purchase of 37 F-35 fighters to replace the outdated F-16 fighters. After the purchase, the number of future f-35a fighters in the Netherlands will reach more than 40.

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