Zahavi can win at least 2.5 million euros with 29 goals + gold medal winning boots

 Zahavi can win at least 2.5 million euros with 29 goals + gold medal winning boots

The goal of promotion has been achieved. Shuai wants the best result

For Renhe, the competition with Fuli has the meaning of life and death. For Fuli, the match with people and more is the value of breaking the record. Even before the make-up game, Fuli has not been able to protect his rank in advance, but as long as he gets 1 point before the end of the season, Fuli can keep the identity of CSL. Before the game, stoikovic said: in theory, we are not very safe. We are still in danger of relegation. We have the opportunity to protect our class in advance against China, but the match with people and players is another opportunity.

Before losing to Shandong Luneng and Hebei Huaxia, Stojkovic also felt the pressure of achievement. Therefore, in the face of people and the current situation, he can only be sorry to say that richness can only focus on itself.. In the game, Fuli took the lead in losing the ball and entered the halftime with one goal behind. Stojkovic revealed after the game that he thought the team played well in the first half, created many opportunities and lost the ball because of mistakes. In midfield, I said to the players, I hope the players can follow the rules and seize the opportunity when it comes. Stoikovic said, then we took the chance at the beginning of the second half.

In the second half of the opening less than 5 minutes, Yi Teng and Zahavi scored two goals to help Fuli reverse the score. Subsequently, Sabas double let Fuli set the score at 4:1. This is the second time that Fuli has won away from home this season, and this victory has officially lifted Fuli from the danger of relegation. In other words, Fuli, 32 points, has successfully insured three rounds ahead of schedule.

Stojkovic believes that Fuli has been training in Beijing recently is one of the reasons for winning the away game. Stoikovic said: after the game against China, we immediately came to Beijing instead of returning to Guangzhou, which gives us plenty of time to prepare for the match.

In the last three rounds, Fuli will face Wuhan Zhuoer (guest), Beijing Guoan (host) and Henan Jianye (guest). In theory, Fulis highest score is 41. Stoikovic said: we still have to try to do our best to get all the 9 points in the last three games. Last season, Fuli finished with 36 points, which is also the lowest score of Stojkovic (the whole season). He certainly does not want to create a new low in points this year.

Officially surpassing Exxon

Zahavis goal is probably over 30

In addition to holding back the decline and early relegation, Fulis another big harvest of this game is the goal of Zahavi. Zahavis goal in the 50th minute brought his goal count to 29 this season, which officially surpassed akerson and set a new single season goal record of CSL.

So far in the season, Fuli has scored 52 goals, and Zahavis personal goals account for 55.8%. Zahavi is far ahead in the shooter list. He has 12 goals more than paolio (17 goals) in the second place. Its only a matter of time before he regains the golden boot. After breaking the scoring record, the only question before Zahavi is how many goals he can score in the end.

In 2014, Exxon (also known as erxon at that time) completed 28 goals in 28 Games, and the efficiency of one goal per game is very high. Because of injury and suspension, Zahavi has only played 25 league games this year, and 29 goals have been achieved in 25 games. Zahavis average goal rate has reached 1.16. According to this efficiency, in Fulis last three games, Zahavi still hopes to score three to four goals. That is to say, by the end of the league, Zahavi had 32 to 33 goals. Speaking of Zahavis performance, Stojkovic said he also had difficulty predicting the final goal figures of Zahavi. I believe he can continue his performance. Its hard to predict how many goals he will score. I personally think he can score at least three more goals. Stoikovic said.

If no accident, Zahavi will create an unprecedented number of goals in the super match. It is reported that as long as Zahavi set a new high, he will get a record breaking bonus of 2.5 million euros, which is the content of his contract, not related to the goal bonus and Golden Boot bonus. In other words, as long as Zahavi can win the golden boot with more than 29 goals, he can get two bonuses - a golden boot bonus and a record breaking bonus.

With the smooth development of the naturalization work, elkson has become akerson, aloisio has become Luo Guofu, and GalAT has also become a Chinese nationality. In addition to last years Golden Boot Wulie, Zahavi has suddenly become the only foreign Archer king of CSL in the past seven years. Zahavi expressed his gratitude to the team after breaking the record. He said: no matter whether the team is at the peak or at the bottom, whether my condition is good or bad, I am proud of my performance in Fuli. I cant break the record without the support of my teammates.

New express reporter Wang Di from Beijing

Source: New Express editor: Xu Song, ns1943