The magic spell of the second year of CSL continues! Blessing from Renhe and Shuai Shuai

 The magic spell of the second year of CSL continues! Blessing from Renhe and Shuai Shuai

At present, Renhe (13 points) is 9 points less than Tianjin Tianhai (22 points), the third lowest. In the case of only three rounds of the league, people and want to protect their own three consecutive victories, but also expect Tianhai and Shenzu to lose three consecutive times. Only in this way can we have the possibility of striking against the line. As everyone knows, its almost impossible. After losing to Fuli, Renhes players walked into the dressing room dejectedly, and club officials accepted the reality of relegation.

The next round will start in three weeks. Tianjin Tianhai will take the lead in the battle on November 22. If Tianhai, who challenges Henan Jianye on the road, gets 1 point, the players who play one day later will drop without fighting. Even if Tianhai cant leave in Zhengzhou, Renhe and Jiangsu Suning cant win at home the next day, they will also be demoted. In other words, Renhe is likely to officially announce his demotion to China in the next round.

In recent seasons, the relegation teams of CSL all have a second grade student, Shijiazhuang Yongchang in 2016, Yanbian Fude in 2017 and Guizhou Hengfeng in 2018 are all relegated in the second grade. Renhe was promoted last year by CSL and finished in eighth place. This years demotion is also in line with the curse of second grade students.

I sincerely hope that people and everything in the future will be good. I hope that people and can soon return to the ranks of CSL, said Fuli manager stoikovic, after almost demoting people and players

Source: New Express editor: Xu Song, ns1943