Easy moment voice version: fight first to beat yourself dizzy you win!

 Easy moment voice version: fight first to beat yourself dizzy you win!

Do you think its necessary to pay attention to family right now?

Last question: what do you think is the most critical factor affecting height?

Wechat netizen: Snow White said:

As a long legged girl in the north, height should be related to heredity, but also to mothers height. My father and brother are three, about the same height. The wives of two eldest uncles are all the kind of 150 barely. My mother 165, when I was a child, I was laughed at by all kinds of people, despised, and did not eat well. When I was a child, they were much taller than me. Come back and have a look. My cousins are several blocks tall. My 183 brother and I both felt that this must be my mothers good gene that has been extended to our two here.

Wechat netizen: Ge Ge said:

The most critical factor is the living habits in the growing period. Although genetics determines the height of a large part of people, if we can get scientific and sufficient nutrition in the growing period, and with scientific movement and regulation, we will achieve unexpected results. Among family members and friends, the height of the second child is significantly higher than that of the first child. Is it true that the first child is the test product, and the second child is the genuine product, fuming pain

At the meeting, I saw Xiao Lis face was a little wrong

He leaned over to his ear and said, Xiao Li, how can you not look well? Although you have just joined us, you are also an indispensable member. In the future, we will fight side by side, so we should share any difficulties together, and dont hold anything back.

Xiao Li nodded thoughtfully and then farted loudly.

Wechat netizen: Ertong wants to order a song:

Hello, brother Dabo. Im an art examinee in senior three. The first time I listened to it, it was the second day of junior high school. In a twinkling of an eye, it accompanied me for countless days and nights. Thank you for your company. I spent a good time in middle school. December is the provincial examination of vocal music and broadcasting. I hope that my efforts and hard work can be rewarded Get a satisfactory result, dont let your youth regret, want to click a song into the hearts of mens version of heart, to cheer yourself up, relieve the tension brought by the pressure, hope that all the relaxed audience can solve when they encounter difficulties, wish all the art examinees and sports students to play an excellent performance in the exam, and test their favorite school Finally, I wish that the relaxed moment will be better and better. I wish that all the audience and friends of the relaxed moment can have thick hair, good sleep, stable mood, freedom of wealth. Finally, I hope that we can make it up.

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Old rules, I wish everyone can have thick hair, good sleep, emotional stability, wealth and freedom, see you next time!

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