Jamaican woman was stabbed to death in a row last month while playing in the Olympic preliminaries

 Jamaican woman was stabbed to death in a row last month while playing in the Olympic preliminaries

Clarke, 20, captain of Jamaicas domestic womens FC team Waterhouse, was selected for the first time in September this year and last month represented the team in the 2020 Olympic womens Caribbean qualifier. Kingston police said Clark had a fight with another woman over a cell phone on Thursday, only to be stabbed with a knife. Clark was rushed to a local hospital, but was later pronounced dead.

In March 2016, Clarke took part in the Jamaica U17 womens football national team, breaking through Costa Rica U17 womens football goal

Michael Ricketts, President of the Jamaican Football Association, said: I am very sad about that. She is a young woman who shows great potential, is very cheerful and enthusiastic, and has the hope to grow to the highest level. In the recent Olympic qualifiers, she was a member of the Jamaica womens national team and contributed to the team. I want to express my condolences to the young Clarks family and friends.

Jamaican Football Association issued a statement saying, Jamaican football association expresses its deepest condolences for Clarks death, and expresses its condolences to FC Club Waterhouse, her family, her friends and her teammates.

However, Javier Gilbert, head coach of FC womens football team in Waterhouse, revealed that Clark was preparing to go to Daytona University in Florida in January this year, but suffered this misfortune. Our relationship is very good. She has been captain of the team for the past three years. She is a great leader and a great person. Now its really heartbreaking. Its really sad. She shouldnt have met this.

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