Josh Rushford kneels to celebrate his knee injury or absence from todays League

 Josh Rushford kneels to celebrate his knee injury or absence from todays League

At Stamford Bridge, Rushford continued his recent heroism, scoring first on penalties and then in the 73rd minute with a beautiful free kick to help the team lead again. After scoring a free kick, Rushford was very excited. He took the chance to come to a skating and kneeling celebration. Unfortunately, he was so happy that he hurt his knee when he slipped on his knees. Seven minutes later, he was removed. Back on the bench, Rushford quickly put ice on his knee.

In the last four games, Rushford has scored four goals and assisted once, which is an important factor for United to win 3-1. Tonight, Manchester United will face Bournemouth on the road. Solskjaer is trying to lead the team to win 4 consecutive games, but lashford may not be able to play, which will definitely reduce the strength of the Red Devils front line. This season, Rushford is Manchester Uniteds most time player, he has played 1087 minutes.

In the 1999 Champions League final, SOHO also celebrated on his knees after scoring a key goal and injured his knee that time. I sprained my medial ligament and missed some of the Norwegian national team games. Later, I retired because of the knee injury, but I have to clarify that it was the other knee that led to my retirement, not the knee that was injured by the sliding knee.

So will manager SOHO ban United players from kneeling? The Norwegian coach said: no, they can do anything they want to celebrate because maybe that ball is the last goal of their career. In addition to Rushford, marquis and lindloff are also likely to miss todays League.

He doesnt need to rest, he denied! In the previous Europa League games, I could give him a rest, but he is a very strong guy, a very professional young man, he can take care of himself. He turned 22 this week, hoping he could get more energy. When you are in good form, when you keep scoring, you want to play all the time.

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