Four missing girls in Sichuan find their families in Guangzhou

 Four missing girls in Sichuan find their families in Guangzhou

Four missing female junior high school students in Sichuan were found in Guangzhou

On October 30, a post called four girls in Guangan, Sichuan didnt come back after school, but were taken away by a strange girl attracted attention. After school on the afternoon of October 30, four girls from Chengnan junior high school didnt go home and didnt contact their families, the Post said.

On the afternoon of November 1, the Public Security Bureau of wusheng County, Guangan City, Sichuan Province reported that Li and Zheng had been found in Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Family members call the police and the child leaves Sichuan the next day

On the afternoon of November 1, the Public Security Bureau of wusheng County, Guangan City, Sichuan Province reported that at about 19:00 on October 30, the city police station of wusheng County Public Security Bureau received an alarm from the masses saying that his daughter Li and three classmates had not returned after school that afternoon. According to the report, Li and Zheng have been found in Tianhe District of Guangzhou.

It was reported that after the alarm, the police station in the city quickly reported to the command center and organized the police force to immediately carry out the search. According to the investigation, Li and his classmates Zheng, Zhou and Xiao did not return home directly after school. At about 10:00 on October 31, they left wusheng by bus. At about 13:00 on November 1, with the strong support of Guangzhou police, Li and Zheng have been found in Tianhe District of Guangzhou, and their parents have been contacted. They plan to rush to Guangzhou to pick them up.

The reporter of Nandu learned that the four female students who lost their contact were junior middle school students. It is reported that at present, the follow-up work is still in order.

Suspected to be taken away by social figures nicknamed wine girl

On the afternoon of November 1, Nandu reporter contacted Xiaos aunt Xiao. As Xiaos parents divorced, Xiao lived with his aunt and grandmother since childhood. She was also following up on the loss of contact. MS Xiao said her niece, who is 12, and the other three were junior high school students. They have no money, only Zhou has a mobile phone. We still know how they got to Guangzhou, Ms. Xiao said

Xiao who lost contact for a time

Xiaos parents divorced and lived in Chongqing, Ms. Xiao said. Although childrens academic performance is not very good, they are not rebellious either. They usually dont go home too late. According to the reporter from Nandu, when the family members were looking for someone, they vaguely learned from the classmates of several girls that they had contacted a social personage with the nickname of Jiumei, who said that they could take several girls out to earn money, and several girls followed in the taxi. According to various clues and monitoring, it is likely that they have been out of town so far, and some girls have been replaced by others Clothes.

Xiao originally had a smartphone, but it was confiscated at school, so he couldnt be reached after the incident. One of my friends saw the child on a bus in Guangzhou and told me. She said.

MS Xiao said she was in Sichuan waiting for the children to go home safely.

Family members: some local people have seen wine girl

On the evening of November 1, a reporter from Nandu contacted MS Xiang, the mother of the lost girl Zheng Mou. To the lady told Nandu reporters, since the child lost contact, three days and three nights did not sleep well to eat. A good man will disappear if he cant say it. Xiang choked, saying that she had been accompanying her child growing up, and her father worked in Guangzhou to earn money to support his family. After hearing that the child was found, her father also wanted to see her, but he didnt see her for the time being.

Zheng Mou, who lost contact at one time.

Xiang said that her childrens academic performance was excellent in primary school, but there was a decline in junior high school, and there was no abnormal performance before losing contact.

Xiang said that she had never met the wine sister who said, I heard its not wusheng, but someone in wusheng has seen her.

She said to the lady that children usually need to spend money. When they give her money, they will ask for the purpose. She seldom mentions the friends she knows and never says that she is short of money.

Told the lady that she didnt know when the child would return to Sichuan. She was going to the police station in wusheng County to learn about the situation.

Family members: may be related to being induced by others

At about 19 oclock on November 1, a reporter from Nandu contacted Mr. Li, the father of Li, who came to Guangzhou to pick up the child. He said he had arrived in Guangzhou and was ready to meet the child.

Li, who lost contact at one time.

He said that Lis academic performance was poor, but his parents had been accompanying him to grow up. This time, he left for Guangzhou with his classmates, which may have something to do with being induced by others. ?

On November 1, Nandu reporter learned from Tianhe police in Guangzhou that after Tianhe police found the four girls, they had taken them back for proper placement. At the same time, Tianhe police have informed parents of students and local police. At present, the local police have sent personnel to deal with the situation. The local police are making further investigation.

Source: responsible editor of Southern Metropolis Daily: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331