Its creepy to watch horror movies, but there are so many benefits afterwards

 Its creepy to watch horror movies, but there are so many benefits afterwards

There are many scientific reasons behind why people love horror movies so much. Whether you are bold or timid, watching horror movies can actually have physical and emotional effects on you.

From the research of scientists, we can find how watching horror movies affects your body, your brain and even your hormones.

Two parts of the brain will talk

Two parts of the brain are involved in our response to things like fear, explains Matthew price, a research engineer in the Department of psychiatry and behavioral science at the McGovern School of medicine at ushill University in Houston, which studies the physiological response of humans to fear stimuli.

The prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for advanced cognitive function, and the border system with the shape of amygdala structure, show some terrible phenomena in MRI. The two systems are talking to each other, indicating the extent of your terror. From the shape of these two components, you can tell whether you are in a normal state or in fear.

Panic like hold the seat response

Whether youre on a bumpy plane or seeing a dead person suddenly come alive, these can give you a panic response called the classic grab your seat..

If its a deadly response, your hypothalamus is involved, and its responsible for your bodys temperature and heart rate, says Matthew price. Youre going to start with shallow breathing. These are all sudden reactions. Even if youre not in real lifes deadly danger, you get the same thrill response when you watch a horror movie.

Bring peace to the brain

When youre doing meditation training, watching horror movies like the shining may not be the first option in your mind. In a recent study, however, Dr. Greg J. Siegle, an associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of medicine, tracked the physiological effects of haunted houses. He concluded in his research report that watching horror movies can actually bring peace to your brain at that time and after.

Our study of haunted houses shows that people can suddenly shut down a lot of their brain thinking completely, and stay in a special state, but not a highly analytical state, whether at that time or after an hour, and horror movies have the same effect.

Can obtain cortisol secretion in vivo

Dr. Greg J. Siegel says its not necessarily a bad thing. Chronic stress makes you release cortisol all day long, which is not good for you, he said Small doses of fear and general excitement can get you into many of the brains emotional processes, and may stimulate you to produce a lot of adrenaline, he said. So, theres a reason why people spend their time watching horror movies.

Cortisol is an adrenocortical hormone. Under pressure, the body needs cortisol to maintain normal physiological function. Without cortisol, the body will not be able to respond effectively to stress.

Cortisol is particularly important for manipulating mood and health, immune cells and inflammation, blood vessels and blood pressure, and for maintaining connective tissue (such as bones, muscles and skin). Under pressure, cortisol can maintain blood pressure stability and control over inflammation.

Let distractions be corrected

Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, first described a lot of emotional catharsis in Greek tragedies. The fear and pity described in these tragedies were highly suppressed emotions in the society at that time. In many ways, we are not allowed to express these emotions now. I think watching horror movies allows us to express these emotions, accept them, and transform them, says Matthew price. But there must be a constructive way to do it. Now, I dont think watching horror movies is a way to achieve self-care. Of course, Im just talking about Shakespeare. Most of his stories involve a series of terrible events, even thousands of years ago.

Dr. Greg J. Siegel said, in our society, we tend to think of pain, fear and negative emotions and things to avoid. I think, because horror movies are popular, we can say that panic may not be something to avoid, it may be very interesting. Our attention tends to be distracted, which is a shortcoming we need to avoid and correct. Horror movies are very attractive. They may refocus your attention, which is undoubtedly a good thing.

The sudden energy generated by terror can be used

Dr. Greg J. Siegel says it may sound counterintuitive that the sudden energy of terror can be used. But making a plan before terror comes can help you use the energy that suddenly erupts from terror.

In our study of haunted houses, 90 percent of the participants liked the experience, and only 10 percent were reluctant to experience the haunted house themselves, he said. There may be different reasons for this, but I think it makes sense to determine what value you want from it. Do you need a general wake-up because youve been depressed, or do you want to touch a deeper emotion?

Can help relieve anxiety

Dr. Greg J. Siegel said that you may think that people with PTSD, anxiety and social phobia may be advised not to watch too many scary horror films, but the opposite may be true.

We have found that horror movies can help people recover their feelings of fear and know whether they are in a safe environment. Their previous barrier feelings begin to disappear. Therefore, horror films have certain value for them.

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