Evergrande continues to collect the developers wool by selling nearly 100 billion buildings in January through price reduction and promotion?

 Evergrande continues to collect the developers wool by selling nearly 100 billion buildings in January through price reduction and promotion?

However, golden nine silver ten did not patronize the entire real estate market. Kerui report said that although some large-scale real estate enterprises through a wide range of discounts and promotions, and increased supply and promotion efforts, the sales performance in October showed a month on month rise, but the overall market is not as good as the data reflected, and the overall project removal rate is not good.

Data shows that nearly 60% of the top 50 real estate enterprises have a month on month decline in performance, most of which are 20% - 30% lower than that in September. As one of the leading real estate enterprises, Vankes sales volume in October decreased by 10.1% month on month to 44.3 billion yuan due to relatively weak promotion.

Overall property market performance, in October, new housing transactions and land market continued the golden nine downturn trend, both continued to turn cold. The volume of new housing transactions in key cities fell by 6% and 10% respectively on the same and on a month on month basis, with the decline expanding compared with last month. The downturn in September trading further exacerbated the wait-and-see mood.

In the second half of this year, the voice of real estate market price reduction keeps on going. Evergrande is a typical example of price reduction.

The left bank of Jinan riverside of Evergrande is one example. According to anjuke, the property fell from 17000 square meters in July to 15000 square meters in October. Some buyers said that the highest unit price of the real estate in the first half of the year was 18000 yuan, and in the second half of the year it dropped to 14000 yuan.

Even if the price reduction constantly causes the owners to safeguard their rights, the developers are forced by the pressure of funds, the price will still be lowered, the annual close is near, and the sales volume will be further impacted.

Gold nine silver ten break an appointment, the developer then extended the promotion activity cycle to double 11. Promotion means are not satisfied with offline, but expand to e-commerce platform.

On the Alibaba platform, 10000 sets of special offer houses will be auctioned on the double 11 of this year; Jingdong will cooperate with more than 200 developers in 70 cities to put in more than 6000 sets of special offer houses, with the total amount of new houses reduced by 5, with a preferential amount of more than 300 million yuan; Suning and Evergrande have reached a cooperation agreement, with tens of thousands of Evergrande houses going to Suning.

According to Kerui data, country garden ranked first in the sales list of real estate enterprises from January to October with 665.54 billion yuan; Evergrande rose to the second with the total amount of ultra-high sales in the past two months, with 546.18 billion yuan, no pressure to achieve the annual sales target of 600 billion yuan; Vanke ranked third with 519 billion yuan; rongchuang and poly ranked fourth and fifth respectively. The pattern of the top five industries tends to be stable.

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: Liu Songpeng nbj9949