A media man in Hong Kong sent an article to complain for Huang Zhifeng: selective blindness

 A media man in Hong Kong sent an article to complain for Huang Zhifeng: selective blindness

Zeng Zhihaos data map

Zeng Zhihao, the host of Hong Kong Radio, published an article in Hong Kong media on November 1 entitled is it good governance for Hong Kong to be governed by the police? u300bIn his articles, he criticized the Hong Kong police. He also said that violent demonstrations were a threat to the rule of law and order, but not a real damage. He also said that the biggest threat to the current situation was police policing and the real damage to the rule of law is the police yunyun.

In addition, he also contacted Lin zhengyuee, chief executive of the SAR government, calling her puppet chief executive and finding her own city, food, clothing, housing and transportation should be supervised and directed by the police. How to make policy direction is soft or hard, and will be criticized by the military system.

Zeng Zhihao called himself a media worker in the author column. However, for its self described identity, some people directly approved: selective blindness, how can we be the host?

Feel good about yourself? Ha ha!

Some people say that there are no suitable glasses for him in the world, because it is not an eye problem but a brain problem.

Others argued that if the rioters did not march or destroy public property, they would not call the police. Put the cart before the horse.

The hosts conscience and conscience are all lost, I dont know what to say.

It is also found that Zeng Zhihao may be the leader of the party. To be frank, what he wants to discuss is how can Hong Kong have police with good governance (ability)

However, some people are too lazy to argue with him, point out which country has no police and military, and criticize him for sitting on the sidelines.

Before that, Zeng Zhihao used to talk about Hong Kongs current situation on social networking sites for many times. Even the day before the article criticizing the police was published, he had written in another Hong Kong media to speak for Huang Zhifeng, the Secretary General of Hong Kong peoples will, the Hong Kong Independence Organization, and threatened to cancel Huangs qualification for the election of the District Council, which is equivalent to telling the world that Hong Kong has no freedom of election through action.

However, Zengs comments were criticized by Hong Kong netizens: its also an article with low quality and biased position.

This article is called news? You call this a personal feeling! Now you are really a media worker!

I dont know how to track down Zeng Zhihaos fake news!

For Zeng Zhihao, the Hong Kong online media HKG news also commented that his creative power and fantasy of pumping police water (taking advantage of police) would really scare you. The police have been trying their best to put an end to the chaos, but Zeng Zhihao has repeatedly criticized and slandered the police, which is really disgusting and shameless!

Hong Kong News Network also criticizes that its time to take a good look at Zeng Zhihao!, his moving logic obviously didnt persuade many Hong Kong citizens!, Zeng Zhihaos speech is not biased! people have freedom of speech, but it doesnt represent freedom of language violence.