France - mbapei goal second brother center pillar Paris 1-2 against the winning streak was ended

 France - mbapei goal second brother center pillar Paris 1-2 against the winning streak was ended

In the second minute, the second string ball was thrown into the field. Munir shuiyar slightly adjusted his long-range shot after he got the ball, and Navas blocked it out. The fourth minute, Tavares arc in front of the top of the long-range attack by Navas. The 16th minute, shuiar free kick cross, Cadiz header was confiscated by Navas. The 18th minute, Cadiz long-range shot was put out by Navas.

In the 19th minute, Paris took the lead in scoring the goal; mbape zhisai was intercepted by the defensive player, and was sent to zhisai after being robbed by Di Maria. Mbape, who had made a single stab into the forbidden area, scored in the face of attacking goalkeeper Gomes, with Paris leading 1-0. The 21st minute, di Malia picked the restricted area, icardi volley strafe was confiscated by Gomes. The 29th minute, Dijon was forced to take the lead in the replacement, the injured quribali was replaced. In the 31st minute, shafiq was knocked over by Gomes when he was defending in the forbidden area, then he was stretchered off the field for treatment, and Dijon was replaced due to injury.

In the second half, the two teams changed sides. In the 47th minute, Dijon scored a goal quickly; shuiyar made a corner kick, Cadiz cut the ball into the forbidden area, and shot from a small angle after shaking out of the gap continuously, Dijon 2-1 overtook. In the 53rd minute, Dijon was replaced due to injury, and the last place was used. The 56th minute, icardi knocks back, DiMaria volleys to attack the door to be saved by Gomes. The 57th minute, mbapenech even after three people push shot near the corner was confiscated by Gomes.

The 61st minute, di Malia straight plug, icardi low shot out of the bottom line. In the 62nd minute, mbape knocked on the middle, and Di Maria shot high. The 63rd minute, mbape left cross, icardi header, the ball hit the crossbeam and pop. The 66th minute, mbapei knocked on the door, icardi pushed and shot high. In the 69th minute, Perez fired a long-range shot into the center post and ejected.

The 75th minute, Kawani knocked at the door, icardi hit the ball in the air, was blocked by the defensive player and then rose above the crossbeam. In the 82nd minute, kurzawa knocked at the door, Kawani grabbed the ball and the ball went out of the baseline. The 85th minute, Kawani penalty area after taking the ball in Hamzas tackle fell, the referee did not say. In the 87th minute, Kawani crossed the middle of the penalty area, icardi stopped the ball in the chest and then went to the door to hit the ball. Dijon eventually turned Paris 2-1 at home.

Paris Saint Germain (433): 1-navas / 22-diallo (8123-drachsler), 3-campenberg, 5-malginios, 31-dagoba / 14-bernat (6420-kurzawa), 8-paredes (719-kawani), 27 Gaye / 7-mbape, 18 icardi, 11 DiMaria

Dijon (442): 16 Gomes / 3-ngonda, 25 manga, 5-kulibali (2920-amalfitano), 26 shafiq (3327-hamza-mendri) / 21 Munir shuiyar, 22 ndong, 24 lautoa, 17 bard (539-mavidi) / 19 CADIS, 11 Tavares

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