Could Kuris serious injury be a relief to the warrior?

 Could Kuris serious injury be a relief to the warrior?

On the one hand, the teams team earthquake is even worse, the strength of the new players has been difficult to support the system Cole wants. This season, seven players in the warriors personnel list are less than two years old in the NBA. The team is too young and the tactical quality is insufficient, which makes Coles proud cover + passing system collapse in an instant.

In the first two games, Tierra Cole may still have some confidence in his own system (the first game was also a factor for Rooney), and still let Curie perform quite a lot of non ball tasks. Cole seems to want to use this method to let Curie continue to sacrifice the ball right to do air run + cover to help teammates integrate into the system that has not existed for a long time

The Second World War thunder, Kuri is still playing the role of cover

But it turns out that even Russell, the most powerful of the new teammates, is not very compatible with this system - of course, this is also an old problem - Coles original system requires a high comprehensive ability of covering, passing and shooting for each player, even Durants joining will lead to the warriors fluency dropping to a level. Now its back again. Now Its just wishful thinking to expect these new people to run out of the system.

Whats worse, for Cole, whether the system cant be maintained or not is not even his most urgent task. The biggest difficulty for Cole is that he never worried about before - how to teach the players to shoot.

According to statistics, Golden State Warriors only made 30.6% of the shots in the receiving position this season, 29.8% in the open position with no interference 10 feet away, and the three-point shooting rate dropped to 30.5%

Kuyts gravity still exists, but teammates cant finish shooting

The decline of the overall ability not only affects the warriors passing and cutting system, but also affects the teams core players. As we all know, the so-called Ku Youli can attract the attention of defenders through its own external deterrence, so that teammates can get the chance of vacancy, which is feasible in the past when there are shooters or Durant Thompson, and when your teammates only shoot 30.6% of the vacancy, such containment is meaningless.

Chris has a sense of passing, but his technique is not up to standard, and his teammates running is also a problem

In the pelican game, Cole made another change, Drummond green was put in position 5, rookie Jordan Poole as the teams starting front. In this game, Cole tried to simplify the complexity, reduce the passing and cutting, and adjust the core idea of the team to attack by Curie and Russell. Greens task changed from the coping point of the arc top to make a wall for the pick and tear or deal with the ball for the second time after going down, giving the decision of the attack back to the backcourt.

Such adjustment has also received unexpected results. Before that, Curie, who had no ball and had a heavy task, got enough breathing space, played the most hearty and clever game of the season, and his teammates were fully activated. Rookies Poole and Damian Lee from outside shot 7 of 11 three-point shots.

Obviously, if he just let go of one-on-one, Curie still has the ability to break through the opponents defense, which is also the embodiment of his fighting ability as a super star. Obviously, in the face of the old host warrior, pelicans manager, Kim Terry Tito, is too big.

Its too much to use Reddick to defend Curie

Pelicans are poorly defended, and they dont want to hit in time

In the remaining three games, once Curie / Russell cuts from the baseline to try to catch the ball or starts to pick up the ball from a high position, the opponent will hit the ball holder fiercely (this is the greatest contribution and heritage of Tyrone Lew to the League). Due to the warriors internal lethality and weak end level. Defenders can be unscrupulous online pressure face-to-face output of Curie Russell, forcing the ball holder to make a high-risk offensive choice. This also affected the efficiency of Curie and Russell to some extent.

In the face of the teams overall offensive difficulties, Curie is helpless, and his personal competitive state is not very stable. This season, only 24.3% of Curies three-point goal, according to the NBA official websites further statistics, Golden States empty shot outside the forbidden area, only 33.3% of the hit rate.

Moreover, throughout his career, Curies technical characteristics have never been better than individual attack. Even in 2015-16, when he was at his peak, Curie scored only 10% of his singles. His personal attack is relatively dependent on hand feeling, and he is greatly influenced by the confrontation. The thin shooter is also inclined to end and avoid the confrontation on the outside. Considering his careers attendance and physical fitness, he cant complete a high proportion of singles like Hardon or weishao, with two or three defensive shots.

Another All-Star backcourt Russell, has not played the expected effect. Four games down, the feel of the water pull is quite general, he seems to be not on the same channel with curry and green. Russell is a player who needs the ball in his hand to find his own rhythm. When there is no ball on his hand, his running position is not very positive, and fixed-point projection is not his specialty.

In order to give him more control of the ball, Cole has begun to use him and Curie green, now Russell is in charge of leading the backup team at the end of the first quarter, while Curie is in charge of the backup team in the second quarter.

Considering that the current offensive feel of backcourt dual core is not excellent, the quality of cover has also become the lifeline of warriors offensive end. Unfortunately, at present, no matter Pascal, Sperman, Chris or Corley Stan who just returned from the warriors, they all tend to cut in after the fake block, and the quality of cover alone is not flattering.

You cant stop people if you dont have the right time to cover them

The blind online double delay is just a fake

Under the demotion of staffing, its hard to see Curies free hand with solid cover this season. By contrast, the warriors have ranked first in the league in the past five years in the field of round screen catches, with an average hit rate of more than 43%, and this years hit rate has dropped to 33%. Among them, Curies goal scoring and hit rate by taking cover fell to 15.4% this year.

A few comfortable shots in Curies first four games

Russell also has a strong reliance on cover. Last season, he scored 50% of his goals with cover. This year, his hit rate of ball holding, blocking and removing is only 30%. On the one hand, the warriors screen quality is not high. On the other hand, de Angelos handling of the ball is really a bit sluggish. Fake screen cooperation is more likely to be hit. The eastern all star is still looking for a call with his teammates.

Threat of attack and quality of cover seem to point to one person, that is, Drummond green, who is also the only cover in the warriors current array who can divide the ball.

Its hard to imagine that a green who can get 14 points per game in 2016 with a 3-point shooting rate of 39%. In todays three-point shooting environment, he will even step back and become a non threatening arc top dealer. His three-point shooting rate has dropped to 22% this year.

This season, the teams strength has been greatly weakened, and the previous practice of brushing assists under the passing and cutting system is no longer applicable. What the team needs now is the passionate blue collar green before the 2015-16 season, not the listless licensing green.

Its Greens normal to be listless. Now his game focus is a problem

In the pelican game, Curie and green pick and roll, green received a pass from the base and threw it to Pascal in the air relay, which had the feeling of Curie green Bogut connection. It is speculated that Cole also saw such a scene in the third game, and raised Pascal to the starting line in the face of the sun. However, Pascal + Greens inner line combination, both in height and range, was suppressed by the suns inner line. Greens game was only 8-for-2 with 4 points and 6 rebounds. Warriors put out a small line-up did not gain the advantage of rhythm, but in the counterattack because of physical disadvantage frequently lost points.

And we havent even written a book about the defense side of warriors. This season, the defensive rating of Jinzhou people is the lowest level of 30 teams, and their opponents shooting percentage has reached 52.1%. In the three big defeats, warriors opponents hit 16 3-pointers per game with a 48% hit rate. If the offensive end can also be explained as the star did not find the state, then the defensive end of this team can only be described as riddled with holes.

This years warriors obviously give people a sense of the end of the tether. This Warriors team is crowned with unrealistic expectations. From the pre-season media and fans fantasizing about Curies dream of 16, the team continues to enter the playoffs, to the start of the game is bleak, the star is not in shape, but because of the cost of the new stadium, all people have a heavy burden of achievements

Maybe Curies serious injury surgery is also a kind of early relief for Golden State Warriors this season, a smooth transition from championship team to return to the ordinary.

Of course, we should even see another possibility

So, comebacks Curie + Thompson + Green + Russell + top scorer (currently, Stewart and Westman in the first three leagues are the inner line that warriors are short of).

It doesnt seem that it cant be?


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