Cavaliers and GM Altman extend their contract for a long time. He leads the reconstruction of post LBJ era

 Cavaliers and GM Altman extend their contract for a long time. He leads the reconstruction of post LBJ era

After LeBron left the Cavaliers in 2018, Cavaliers boss Gilbert asked Altman to start rebuilding the team. Altman let go and chose the promising backcourt combination of Sexton and garland, as well as former University of Michigan coach John belline.

Kobe is the driver and innovator of the teams culture. He has established a new foundation and a new environment with vitality and inspired everyone in the team. He is a passionate leader who has implemented a dynamic and strategic plan for the teams future, growth and success. I look forward to his hard-working and creative work to continue to make us better and lead the team to achieve our goals in the future. Gilbert said in a statement.

Gilbert bought knight in 2005, and Altman, 37, was the first general manager to be renewed in his term, which shows the bosss affirmation and satisfaction with his work.

In 2017, Altman replaced David Griffin as the teams new general manager and signed a three-year contract with Cleveland. In Altmans first season in office, the Cavaliers reached the finals. However, with LeBrons departure, the Cavaliers face a long process of reconstruction.

Altman also issued a statement on the renewal, I am very awed and excited to sign a long-term renewal contract with Cleveland, looking forward to continuing the overall development and growth we are experiencing. Under the leadership of chairman Gilbert, we have a first-class organization, an extraordinary fan base and a team of people who can provide resources and opportunities to ensure our success. I also thank our players, coaches and supporters who have continued to show trust and their commitment to building a sustainable process for us. North Ohio is a special place, and my family and I are excited to be able to stay in this community for years to come.

Source: Netease sports Author: Tan Xiaoyu editor in charge: Yang jiankun_ns4215