CMI leasings 18 leasing 1 payment time has been delayed repeatedly, and the repayment schedule has not been specified yet

 CMI leasings 18 leasing 1 payment time has been delayed repeatedly, and the repayment schedule has not been specified yet

According to 21st century economic news, the source of debt repayment funds of the bonds pointed out by CIC leasing is the disposal of its overseas ships and other assets. In its reply to the holders, Zhongtai securities, the lead underwriter, pointed out that because the asset is an overseas transaction with a large volume, it is difficult and time-consuming to dispose.

Zhongtai Securities said it is not clear why it has not cashed at present, but the assets are still in the process of disposal. In addition, the issuer did not give a clear time point for feedback. Said holder.

Subject to market announcement. People involved in CIC leasing responded.

Previous news showed that from October, except for the general staff to maintain the status quo, the senior management and middle management of CIC will reduce their salaries to support the companys strategic restructuring. This time, the overall decline of personnel involved was 53%, with a maximum decline of 83%.

Can the self-help of salary reduction solve the current dilemma?

I hope it can be returned, otherwise it would be too bad for the current AAA rating. Although the default, but now the rating has not declined The above-mentioned institutions pointed out.

In fact, since September 23, the relevant announcements of 18 rent one of CIC leasing have turned to the private platform for disclosure. In the announcement of the private platform, neither the overdue disclosure nor the subsequent payment of the holders of the unpaid part has been disclosed.

u201dThis kind of behavior has already destroyed the market letter to wrap the rule, the breach does not disclose, is unfair to the holder. In addition, the previous announcement showed that the amount of resale was 534 million, but only 102 million was cashed at that time. It was also unfair to hear that 102 million may have been cashed to individual households. According to the aforementioned institutional personage, the holders of institutional households after penetration are also individuals, and unfair treatment of institutions and individuals may make some people exploit the loopholes and transfer the debts of institutional households to individual households. It is also unfair to distinguish between institutions and individuals without legal basis.

According to the latest announcement, CIC leasing recently received the regulatory warning letter issued by the bond business center of Shanghai Stock Exchange. The Shanghai Stock Exchange pointed out that as a corporate bond issuer, CIC leasing did not disclose the 2019 semi annual report before the specified time, which violated the relevant regulations. Shanghai Stock Exchange ordered it to actively promote the preparation of 2019 semi annual report and complete the disclosure as soon as possible.

Source: responsible editor of 21st century economic report: Zhong Qiming