Behind the continuous blowout of Guizhou Tourism: per capita consumption less than 1000 yuan

 Behind the continuous blowout of Guizhou Tourism: per capita consumption less than 1000 yuan

This years 11 long holiday, Guizhou tourism blowout..

According to the comprehensive evaluation of big data of Guizhou Unicom and Guizhou UnionPay business company, during the 7-day long holiday, Guizhou Province received 28.5577 million tourists, a year-on-year increase of 24%, and realized tourism revenue of 43.4 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31%. During the national day, the province launched 245 new tourism products and new projects, including mountain outdoor, red culture, rural leisure and intangible cultural heritage featured tourism.

In fact, the tourism blowout is not just this year. In the past three years, tourism has continued to grow in a blowout way, with the annual growth of tourist arrivals and total tourism revenue between 30% and 40%. We are vigorously implementing the integrated development of tourism and multi industry, striving to build a world-famous mountain tourism destination, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of a major tourism province to a strong tourism province. Lu Yongzheng, vice governor of Guizhou Province, said during the 2019 investment and Trade Fair of Guizhou inland open economic experimental zone.

Three years ago, the annual tourist arrivals and income of Guizhou Province exceeded that of Yunnan, the neighboring tourism province; in 2018, Guizhou Province ranked the first in Southwest China with nearly one billion tourist arrivals. This year, the provinces tourism revenue will exceed trillion yuan, becoming the second member of the annual tourism revenue trillion club in Southwest China after Sichuan.

However, in the rapid expansion of tourism scale, Guizhou tourism also exposed the problem of insufficient supply.

In response, Li Tie, former director of the center for urban and small town reform and development of the national development and Reform Commission and expert of special allowance of the State Council, held a conference on deepening East West cooperation and investment promotion during the fair. He believed that to promote the upgrading of tourism consumption, that is, to focus on sightseeing tourism and to really explore the deep leisure and holiday tourism that can bring huge potential to economic growth, from short vacation to long vacation, from single season tourism to full season tourism Tourism will bring information and investment opportunities to high-income people, and solve the shortage of tourism supply by attracting investment. In addition to catering, accommodation, infrastructure and other hardware, the return of talents is more important.

With the rapid development of Guizhous tourism, where does the advantage of Guizhou come from?

It certainly comes from the attention of Guizhou provincial Party committee and government, as well as the very good foundation laid by the ecological process over the years, which has a direct relationship with the national economic growth. Li Tie said that the biggest feature of economic growth is the change of consumption structure. By September of this year, Guizhou has been in the top three economic growth rates in China for 8.5 years and 34 quarters in a row. Last year, Guizhous GDP was 2377 times that of 1949.

The sharp increase of urbanization and the improvement of per capita income will also change the consumption structure. He explained that last year, the biggest change in the consumption expenditure of urban residents in China was housing, and other transportation, communication, education, culture, entertainment and health care, which are related to tourism, are the important basis for promoting tourism development.

Recently, Fang Xiaodan, director of the household survey office of the National Bureau of statistics, said that in the first three quarters of this year, consumer spending on various services grew rapidly. With the increase of residents demand for free travel, the per capita expenditure of scenic spot tickets increased by 31.5%, and the per capita expenditure of hotel accommodation increased by 20.1%.

In addition to economic growth and changes in consumption structure, the improvement of transportation in Guizhou in recent years has greatly shortened the distance between tourist destinations and tourists.

Guizhou is the ninth of Chinas 31 provinces and the first province in Western China to realize county to county expressway . Guizhous highway mileage last year reached 6450 kilometers, ranking seventh in the country. Lu Yongzheng said that Guiyang, the provincial capital, has become an important transportation hub in Southwest China. With Guiyang as the center, six radial high-speed railways have been built, operated and under construction. All cities (prefectures) in the province have achieved the full coverage of civil aviation airports. In addition to Guiyangs Longdongbao International Airport, there are 10 regional airports that have been navigable.

Guizhous high-speed rail development speed is relatively fast in the west, which is a prominent advantage. Because the most important role of high-speed rail is to drive the flow of people and promote tourism greatly. As of last year, the mileage of Guizhous expressways was second only to that of Sichuan Province, compared with the provinces and cities in the western region, Li said. Because of transportation, Guizhou has basically dug out potential tourism resources.

In 2018, Guizhous mountain characteristic tourism industry belt, supported by Expressway and high-speed railway, connected and promoted 100 scenic spots, 100 mountain outdoor sports tourism bases and 1000 Characteristic Tourism Villages in Guizhou Province, forming 20 key boutique routes around the province and connecting the province and outside. On the eve of last summer vacation, Guizhou sold 50% discount on tickets and high-speed tolls to ten high-temperature cities across the country, and free tickets for residents in Jiangsu and Anhui provinces , let Guizhou summer tourism become a hot spot on the Internet, and read more than 100000 wechat push articles.

Talents become the key short board

Guizhous tourism popularity ranks high in the market, the consumption level is also growing, and there are huge exploitable resources and exploitable capacity. But on the other hand, compared with other cities such as Tokyo and Seoul, Beijing and Guangzhou, the per capita consumption level of inbound tourists in Guizhou still has much room for improvement. Li Tie said.

Take several neighboring provinces and cities in Southwest China for example. Last year, 700 million tourists in Sichuan achieved a tourism revenue of more than one trillion yuan, less than 700 million tourists in Yunnan, and nearly 900 billion yuan of tourism consumption. However, the tourism consumption of nearly one billion people in Guizhou is only more than 900 billion yuan, even less than 1000 yuan.

Why Guizhou has such a big gap in expenditure with other provinces is due to the serious shortage of supply capacity in the tourism market, which needs to be studied carefully. Li Tie said.

In his view, Guizhous tourism development has its shortcomings: first, it is far away, unlike the suburbs of Beijing, for example, why does Chongli in Zhangjiakou develop rapidly? Because its close to Beijing, you can get there in 3 hours, and its a full season tour. Guizhou is far away from the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Tianjin Hebei and Pearl River Delta regions with high income level, and weekend and small long vacation tours will be limited by distance.

Second, there is a serious shortage of supply capacity. The number of chain restaurants and the number of employees at the end of the year of accommodation enterprises in Guizhou rank lower in the country, which need to be made up. In terms of tourism products, Guizhou has not done a good job of how to solve the tourism supply according to the consumers. We should divide it into small and long holidays, large and long holidays, sightseeing tours, in-depth tours, etc., and determine the supply according to the consumers and time. Li Tie said that what can really bring huge potential to economic growth is in-depth leisure travel, which is also the direction with the most investment potential in the future. The consumption level of tourism is low, because you can go at a glance. In addition, all season tourism has the highest efficiency in resource utilization. At present, most areas in China are single season tourism, such as Sanya Tourism in winter. In fact, both the Yunnan Guizhou region and the northeast region have the advantage of all season tourism.

In the supply shortage, Li Tie specially mentioned the net outflow of population. Guizhou is a population outflow area, which to a large extent affects the quality of service and service personnel of Guizhou tourism. Now there are more than 8 million people flowing out of Guizhou every year. When can it be turned into an inflow? This is directly related to the improvement of tourism level, he said.

Wan Yang, assistant representative of the UNDP office in China, also agreed on the importance of talents. He believes that for the underdeveloped areas, there is a big gap between them and the developed coastal areas in terms of business environment, financial capacity and talent reserve. The high-tech industry needs a large number of talents, which is not available in most places in the short term. Therefore, characteristic agriculture, health care, culture and tourism industries have become the key industries in many underdeveloped areas. After all, China is in the process of consumption upgrading, and the market demand is huge. But the key to development is talents. How to attract, retain and train talents is a problem that every city must seriously consider.

Li Tie said that the flow of information and investment is behind the talent. Only by attracting investment can we better solve the shortage of supply. In terms of information flow, Guizhou is developing big data industry. The use of big data has a very good development space in tourism, and it has a great advantage in judging the structure of tourists. In terms of investment, stores, chain stores, infrastructure and all kinds of service industries are all short boards to be made up.

The development of Guizhous tourism economy should be based on one development and one development. Under the support of ecological environment protection and big data strategy, the upgrading of tourism consumption will drive the development of Guizhous overall economy, and solve the problems of urban and rural development and GDP growth has a crucial role. Li Tie said.

Source: editor in charge of 21st century economic report: huachengyu