Victims of sexual harassment of Ke Wenzhes beautiful staff: less details

 Victims of sexual harassment of Ke Wenzhes beautiful staff: less details

u25b2 the picture shows Huang Yingying, the student sister, interviewed by the media (source: Taiwan media)

Recently, the Taipei municipal government has exposed the suspicion of sexual harassment. Huang Yingying, a popular deputy spokesman of the Taipei municipal government, who is known as Xuejie, is suspected of being sexually harassed by AI Jiang of Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe and Liu Jiaren, a consultant of the Taipei municipal government.

According to, Liu Jiaren was accused of calling Huang Yingying into the office on the basis of official business, closing the door for the two to be alone and sending messages to Xuejie many times. Huang received a media interview on the morning of November 1, but only said after the interview that the whole case has entered the investigation procedure, and the details will not be discussed.

In an interview, Huang said that Ke Wenzhe instructed Huang Shanshan, vice mayor of Taipei City, to set up a task force. Taipei City Council also asked the labor bureau to intervene in the investigation. She could not respond more. When the media asked if there was any isolation or discomfort in the process, Huang said that there would be no more details.

In an interview with the media, Liu denied sexual harassment and stressed that such accusations are too serious. He has a clear conscience about his family and wife and does not accept accusations of sexual harassment..

People familiar with the matter said that Huang Yingying had recently heard that he intended to invest in the election of the legislative committee of Shilin Beitou. At that time, Liu Jiaren assisted Huang Yingying in the internal arrangement of keying for the sake of local layout. However, Liu often called Huang Yingying to the office for discussion on the basis of schedule discussion and arrangement. Liu not only closed the office door, but also relied on it Near, let Huang Xinsheng fear, dont understand why to close the door. In addition, Liu often sends messages and photos to Huang Yingying late at night, often asking for good-bye in the morning and evening. Although Huang cant read them back, the information still comes, which bothers Huang.

u25b2 the picture shows Huang Yingying, a student sister, participating in Ke Wenzhes campaign.

In order to solve the dispute, Yu Jiazhe, the chairman of the Taipei research and Examination Commission, reported the matter to Ke Wenzhe at the morning meeting. The two sides inquired separately. Finally, in order to avoid the dispute of regeneration, Ke Wenzhe asked Liu Jiaren not to be responsible for Huang Yingyings schedule again, but did not punish him.

When Ke Wenzhe went to the parliament for consultation on the afternoon of October 31, when asked whether there was such a thing, he said that there was indeed a response from his colleagues. Please explain to both parties that in the future, this kind of thing will be isolated according to SOP (standard operation procedure). Yu Jiazhe also said that its not Huang Yingyings reflection, its other colleagues. According to the survey, there are some unhappiness and frictions in the work of both sides, so let two people not work together.

On the morning of the first day after the news that Huang Yingying was to be interviewed by the media came out, the labor bureau, social Bureau and personnel department of Taipei municipal government sent people to the scene to learn about it. Huang Jianying attended the mayors office meeting in the morning, and Huang Shanshan, vice mayor, first came out to be interviewed. Huang Shanshan said that the municipal government had procedures for prevention and control of sexual harassment, and would set up a committee according to the procedures to investigate the incident.

Huang also reminded the media that according to the provisions of the law on the prevention and control of sexual harassment, the media and relevant personnel should not affect the rights and interests of the parties during the investigation based on the protection of their privacy. In addition, according to the regulations of the procedure Committee, the investigation results will be completed within one month. Lai Xiangling, director of labor, said a conclusion would be made within one month according to the regulations and the two parties would be informed.

The picture shows Huang Yingying appearing in the live broadcast of Taipei City Council.

It is understood that Huang Yingying is a journalist. She used to be a reporter of Taiwans Dongsen news cloud news center and a member of the media affairs group of the Taipei Municipal Government Secretariat. She is responsible for managing the official twitter and Facebook pages of Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe. Now she is a deputy spokesman of the Taipei municipal government. If you search the word Xuejie on the Internet, you can find the relevant news of Huang Yingying, 27 years old. Taiwans media called it the goddess of the whole people, and even called her more popular than Ke Wenzhe.

At the beginning, her popular online program was called one day mayors staff. The host, Tai Zhiyuan, went to Taipei municipal government to serve as the one-day staff of mayor Ke Wenzhe and experience the work of the staff and mayor. The media affairs group of Taipei municipal government has arranged Huang Yingying, a staff member, to act as the sister of Tai Zhiyuan and take him on a trip with Ke Wenzhe all day long. Huang Yingyings performance in the program is impressive.

With the broadcast of the program, Huangs discussion on the Internet Forum has also increased in a straight line, and her popularity has soared. The program films have also become popular on YouTube. So far, the cumulative number of views has exceeded 11 million. Later, Ke Wenzhe went to Taipei City Council to give a policy address, and Huang Yingying also appeared in the City Council. For the first time, many netizens watched the live broadcast of the City Council, and the photographer intentionally or unintentionally took the camera to Xuejie to give netizens full of Xuejie.

In the campaign of Ke Wenzhe, Huang YingYing and his young staff were also responsible for the warm-up work. At the beginning of the campaign, they sang hip-hop and danced in the hot atmosphere on the stage, helping him to attract the young generation of ethnic groups. Huang Yingyings popularity and support exploded, and Ke Wenzhe couldnt resist it. During the medias joint interview, he jokingly said: he is now the staff of Xuejie , because every time he goes to a place, someone will ask if Xuejie has come.

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