It turns out that on average, there is a weeping play of Zhou Dongyu in young you in 7.5 minutes

 It turns out that on average, there is a weeping play of Zhou Dongyu in young you in 7.5 minutes

1. After Hu Xiaodie committed suicide, Chen Nian covered her with clothes and shed tears.

3. Xiaobei rides a motorcycle carrying Chen Nian, who shed a tear in the back seat.

4. Chen Nian was pushed down the stairs by Wei Lai and hurt. He was bandaged in the infirmary. He had a conversation with Li Xiang, his classmate. Li Xiang said, another month will pass. Chen Nian wept silently.

5. Chen Niang called the police about the bullying of Hu Xiaodie by Wei Lai and other students, and the head teacher left his job and said, you are right. You will have a new head teacher. Chen Nian shed tears.

6. Although the police, but Wei Lai and other three did not receive the corresponding punishment, in officer Zhengs car, Chen Nian silently tears.

7. Chen Niang talks with his mother on the phone. Her mother says she wont go back for the time being. What can they do to you when you are a child? Chen Niang cries and laughs.

8. Wei Lai and other three people chase Chen Nian. In a hurry, Chen Nian hides in the dustbin. At this time, the phone rings and Chen Nian tears.

9. Chen nianlie in bed, listen to Xiaobei about his past experience, silently shed tears.

10. Chen Niang was beaten, ripped and photographed by Wei Lai and others in the alley. Chen Niang cried a lot after being insulted.

11. When Xiaobei comes home and sees Chen Nian being bullied, he wants to revenge. Chen Nian hugs Xiaobei from behind and cries bitterly. ??????????????????

12. In order to answer for Chen Nian, Xiao Bei staged a fake rape play, and Chen Nian shed tears.

13. Chen Niang tells Xiaobei about his killing of Wei Lai by mistake. He tears and says, I lost..

14. In the interrogation room, Chen Niang cried and said to the policewoman, if this world is really like this, are you relieved to have your own children?

16. After the college entrance examination, Chen chennian walked in the underpass, recalled his experience with Xiaobei, and sat on the ground crying.

17. When Chen Nian learns that Xiao Bei has been sentenced to death, he bites officer Zheng severely. Officer Zheng says he lied to her. Chen Nian cries loudly.

18. Chen Nian goes to the prison to visit Xiaobei. They laugh and cry across the glass.

Source: editor in charge of Beijing News: Yang Mingyu nv5736