To see the optimization of business environment, we should focus on the confidence and vitality of market players

 To see the optimization of business environment, we should focus on the confidence and vitality of market players

At present, in addition to a few legislative amendments and tasks related to the integration of multi department functions and systems, all departments and regions have completed more than 100 reform initiatives on time and with high quality, especially highlighting problem-oriented, focusing on the difficult and hot issues of private enterprises reflecting many voices. For example, by accelerating the promotion of e-government all in one to build an integrated online service platform for the whole process. More than 50% of the processing time for the establishment of enterprises, the installation of water by telegram, the registration of real estate, etc.

A good business environment has greatly stimulated the main vitality of the market and promoted high-quality development. In Beijing, the number of high-tech enterprises alone has increased from 98 per day in 2017, 200 per day in 2018 to 250 per day this year, and the total number of national high-tech enterprises has reached 25000.

In Shanghai, the confidence of enterprises in investment is increasing. New market players are emerging. This year, 1429 new enterprises were set up every day in Shanghai, an increase of 7.4%. As of the third quarter, the target of new jobs for the whole year had been completed ahead of schedule. Foreign investment is also more optimistic about Shanghai. From January to September this year, the number of newly established foreign-funded enterprise projects, contracted utilization of foreign capital and actual foreign investment increased by 40.2%, 8.9% and 13% respectively.

Business environment is better than the best. Not long ago, the State Council promulgated the regulations on optimizing the business environment, which will come into effect on January 1, 2020. The formulation of the regulations mainly focuses on strengthening the vitality of micro subjects, continuously deepening reform and consolidating reform achievements. These measures will further provide institutional guarantee for optimizing the business environment.