Move on to a happier life! After poverty county pick up hat

 Move on to a happier life! After poverty county pick up hat

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, October 31, Xinhua topic: move forward towards a happier life! u2014u2014After taking off the hat in poor counties

Xinhua News Agency reporters Sun Bo, Zhang Bin, Hou Xuejing

In May this year, with the withdrawal of Yanchuan and Yichuan counties from the poverty-stricken county sequence, all the poverty-stricken counties in Yanan, the holy land of revolution, took off their hats. As of the middle of May this year, 436 poverty-stricken counties have lifted their hats, accounting for 52.4% of all poverty-stricken counties.

General secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that after removing the cap, the poor counties should continue to complete the task of eliminating the poverty of the remaining poor and realize the steady shake off of poverty.

More than half of the poverty-stricken counties have been decapitated, and the pace of solving regional overall poverty is accelerating. The reporter visited many poverty alleviation counties and found that effective measures are being taken to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation and ensure high quality to win the war.

From Jinggangshan to Baotashan, we have more energy to lift ourselves out of poverty

Shenshan is a poor place. If you have a daughter, dont marry shenshanlang. Shenshan has changed a lot. Every family has a new farm! When he saw Pengshui, the old branch of Shenshan village, he told the tourists about the changes of Shenshan village.

On February 2, 2016, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Jinggangshan city of Jiangxi province and came to the village of God Mountain in Maping township to visit the descendants of poor families and martyrs. He pointed out that on the road of poverty alleviation, one poor family and one poor people should not be left behind.

When Peng Xiaying, a villager of Shenshan village, set up her first farmhouse in the village, she didnt expect to rely on it. Now her familys annual income is more than 100000 yuan.

Now, entering Shenshan village, Qingshi road stretches and winds, Hakka houses with white walls and Daiwa are scattered, and the per capita disposable income of poor households in the village reaches 9200 yuan. The former poor mountain village has become Chinas beautiful leisure village.

On February 26, 2017, Jinggangshan, the cradle of revolution, took the lead in announcing poverty alleviation nationwide, becoming the first poverty-stricken county to take off the hat after the establishment of Chinas poverty exit mechanism.

More than 1500 kilometers away, Yanan, the holy place of revolution, said goodbye to absolute poverty, and the 2.26 million people in the old area started a new life to a well-off society in an all-round way.

From Jinggangshan to Baotashan, the road to poverty relief of two red lands is a witness to the constant original aspiration of the Chinese Communists.

At present, Xinhu village, Yunyan Town, Yichuan County, located on the Loess Plateau, is very busy. Every day, trucks come to the village to collect apples. Its loaded with baskets and pulled by cars. The villagers are too busy to stop.

After saying goodbye to the days of every family lights the kerosene lamp and lives in tuyaodong for generations, Xinhu village has now built a road and planted apples. Its annual per capita income has exceeded 30000 yuan. Nearly half of the people live in small villas. Many villagers have bought commercial houses in the county, almost every family has a car, and the village has built homes for the elderly.

We cant stop selling apples, said Zhang Yangang, a branch of Xinhu village branch. Yanan has set up an academician and expert workstation. Experts come to the village to give us lectures, and our apple industry can take another step forward.

Target invariable, bulls-eye stable, poverty alleviation and return to poverty prevention

Girl, why are you in the village again? Its all very good recently. You dont have to run every day if you have nothing to do. At the head of Zhuji village, Zhou Xuezheng, a poor family, saw Liu Shuangyan jump off the tricycle and greeted her, saying that this year he really made a fortune.

Three years ago, secretary Liu said that he would not sell or eat the sheep, but that he wanted them to produce sheep and make money. I didnt expect that he could really get rid of poverty by this. Zhou Xuezheng is happy.

Liu Shuangyan is the first Secretary of Zhuji village, Ruji Town, Lixin County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province. This year is her ninth year in the village. Although Zhu Jicun has been out of poverty in 2016, Liu Shuangyan still sticks to the front line of poverty alleviation and refuses to leave.

The train is not the terminal. There are poor households in the village one day. I will not leave the post one day. Thin she, words burst out of endless power.

There are still many cadres like Liu Shuangyan. They abandon their small families and take root at the grassroots level, vowing to lead the villagers to overcome poverty and usher in happiness.

To get rid of poverty is like sailing against the current. Reporters have seen in many interviews that many poverty alleviation counties are carrying out these policies: no responsibility, no policy, no help and no supervision.

Entering Zao village, Huaxian County, Henan Province, the poverty alleviation workshop of Jintai garment manufacturing West Xuying village branch is stepping up production. In September this year, we received an order for 10000 down jackets. This order has not been completed, and a larger order is waiting. Said Yuan Yanjiao, head of the workshop.

According to the cadres in the village, six processing plants have been built in xixuying village, with more than 300 people employed and the per capita monthly wage of more than 2500 yuan. These poverty alleviation industries have become an important support for consolidating and improving the poverty alleviation achievements after the poverty alleviation in Huaxian county.

In April this year, Danjiangkou City, Hubei Province, withdrew from the poverty-stricken counties. In order to prevent the poverty-stricken cadres from staying in the villages by day reading and name calling, after taking off their hats, the local government still strictly urged the implementation of the five days and four nights requirement for the cadres to stay in the villages every week.

Cai dangming, deputy director of Poverty Alleviation Office of Hubei Province, said: in the face of the task of lifting the remaining 983000 poor people out of poverty and removing the hats of 17 poor counties in the province, we will make up for the shortcomings and prevent them from returning to poverty from afar. We will keep our goals unchanged, keep our target and channels unchanged, and resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation with high quality.

At present, the dairy station and milk bar under construction in the village make herdsmen full of expectation.

The village of ODA Mamba, with an average altitude of more than 3500 meters, is located along the national highway 318 known as the most beautiful landscape Avenue in China. In recent years, this Tibetan village, which means migrating tribe, has helped herdsmen sell yak milk at a good price through the business model of enterprise + pasture + cooperative + herdsman.

In 2018, the villages income increased by 460000 yuan, and the average household income increased by 5200 yuan. But because the milk station is far away, the money is not easy to earn. Genweng, a 24-year-old villager, said he and his family would start milking yaks at 4 a.m. and then climb over the folded mountain, 4300 meters above sea level, to the purchase site.

Now wait for the milk station and milk bar to be built. We dont need to go far anymore. We can earn money at home. Said Geng Weng expectantly.

For the increase of villagers income, Jingzhong, the first Secretary of Russia Damen Ba village, is also full of confidence: we have purchased and raised 370 yaks for the poor households. According to the daily output of 3 Jin milk per cow, each herdsman can actually increase the income by 11340 yuan every year. It is no problem to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation, and the income can be doubled again!

As the economy gets out of poverty, the road becomes wider and wider.

On a crisp autumn day, the fields beside the Wusuli River are golden. Guo ShouZhen, 48, stands in a pigsty and says, whats the best way to send gifts this year?

Guo ShouZhen is a villager in Qingshan village, Datonghe Township, Raohe County, Heilongjiang Province. When he was young, he had a mind to live a life of loose hands. He had been struggling for so many years. His poor life was like the long running water of Wusuli River. He could not see the end at a glance.

Guo ShouZhen wants to do something to thank everyone after the hands are completely relaxed, so he sends the killed chicken to the people who helped him, but is returned by others. If the gift giving fails, he transfers the chicken to the nursing home.

According to conservative estimates, the income of Guo ShouZhen and his wife will be more than 20000 yuan this year.

Guo ShouZhen smiled and raised his hand to the pigsty outside the window. This year, I will give it as a gift.