A return visit to the general secretarys visit to Shanghai: this year, your expectations are becoming reality

 A return visit to the general secretarys visit to Shanghai: this year, your expectations are becoming reality

Zhu Deming, an 88 year old man, said, Im more and more nostalgic here as he painted ink and wash in the residential post house of Hongkou District;

The young volunteers who practice the new fashion of garbage classification are on duty every day by the garbage bin room of the community, and even arrange the blind date here;

The party construction service center of Lujiazui Financial City has become a card punching place for white-collar party members. On the mobile calendar of Wang Xiaoman, a post-90s Party member, there are various activities that the center will carry out;

Pudong New Area urban operation comprehensive management center, the small blue dots on the large screen are more and more dense, the intelligent sensors distributed in the whole area will transmit information to the urban brain in one second;

In the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City, dark matter particle detection satellite models, robots, cold atomic clocks and other exhibits radiate cold and deep light. Behind the exhibits are the rapid development of science and technology


On from November 6 to 7, 2018, after the opening ceremony and related activities of the first China International Import fair, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the CPC Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, went deep into Shanghais enterprise, community, urban operation integrated management center and high tech park, and implemented the nineteen spirit of the party and the current economic situation, promoting scientific and technological innovation and strengthening urban management. Conduct research and give important instructions on management and community governance.

In this year, the general secretarys earnest and sincere instructions have not been forgotten by the cadres and the masses in Shanghai for a moment; in this year, the general secretarys expectations are becoming a realityu2014u2014

Hongkou post station: more and more people are nostalgic

[lens] the old man dipped his brush in red paint and played on rice paper gently. The light red leaves began to appear. This ink painting has a very beautiful name, which is wild goose comes red.

Recently, Zhu Deming, an 88 year old man, and his old friends created ink paintings under the guidance of Mr. Zhou Peiming, President of Jiaxing Road Association for the elderly, in the No. 1 branch of Jiaxing Road Street, Hongkou District citizen post. As he drew, he couldnt help sighing to the reporter: Im more and more nostalgic here. Its a good home for the elderly.

[review] in November 6th last year, general secretary Xi Jinping walked into the first sub station of Jiaxing Road Station in Hongkou District, and looked at the comprehensive service window, the elderly care center and the party building workstation. In the old-age care center, several elderly residents are making handicrafts. The general secretary warmly greets them. The old people excitedly hold the hand of the general secretary and tell the general secretary about their happy old age. The general secretary pointed out that the CPC Central Committee attaches great importance to the work of elderly care services, and it is necessary to put policies in place to benefit more elderly people.

On the morning of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping looked at the comprehensive service window at the first sub station of Jiaxing Road station, Hongkou District resident station.

On the morning of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping was at the first sub station of the Jiaxing Road Station in Hongkou District, where he talked kindly to several young people who were exchanging communities to promote garbage sorting.

Zhu Deming remembers that scene and is still excited.

After Zhu Demings wife died, he was sent to the nursing home by his son. For more than a year, he was worried about not being used to at the beginning, but now more and more inseparable. He remembered that he had a cold, and the staff of the nursing home were even more anxious than him. He asked the doctor to come to him for consultation and prescribed good medicine for him to take on time. He remembered that on this years Double Ninth Festival, under the guidance of a professional teacher, he made the double ninth cake by himself and tasted delicious food. He also remembered that with the help of volunteers, he assembled the toy car by himself and gave it to his grandchildren , have fun

Chen Yan, head of the tolao office, told reporters that in order to make the elderly live a happier life in the tolao office, new fashion courses such as baking, flower arrangement and garbage classification have been added to the traditional courses such as handwork, painting and calligraphy.

In the same year, Wang Jinghua, the post-80s alley Prime Minister, always had two scenes in his mind: the first one was that in the rainstorm, the residents in the community were holding umbrellas in their arms, carrying full garbage in both hands, and they didnt forget to break the wet garbage bags and separate the garbage into clear and refreshing ones before leaving; the second one was the young volunteers on duty at the garbage bin room, who even kissed each other It is arranged here, and its name is the same smell.

Every time these scenes flashed, Wang Jinghua, Secretary of the general Party branch of Hongye residential area in Hongkou District, said to himself, I am deeply moved.. Last November 6th, when general secretary Xi Jinping inspected the first sub station of Jiaxing Road Station in Hongkou District, he stressed: garbage sorting is a new fashion. Comprehensive waste treatment needs the participation of the whole people, and Shanghai should make full use of this work. At that time, Wang Jinghua shook hands with the general secretary excitedly. In March this year, her Yutai Jingyuan took the lead in the implementation of waste classification.

She insists on arriving at the community at 7 a.m. every day and being on duty by the garbage can room with volunteers. When she sees that the cleaner is not busy, she helps to pick up the garbage and drag the garbage can together. She always has to be busy until 8:30 p.m. before leaving the community. It is gratifying to her that, with the joint efforts of the neighborhood committee, property management and volunteers, on July 1 this year, the day when the regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the management of domestic waste was officially implemented, the volunteers in the community were also successfully laid off. Today, in the absence of volunteers, the correct rate of garbage classification in the community has always remained above 98%.

In order to make the residents garbage classification habits continue, Wang Jinghua and her team have opened a new brain hole -- plan to cooperate with Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and introduce earthworms to deal with some wet garbage in the community on the basis of the one meter vegetable garden in the community: after earthworms eat the wet garbage, their feces can be used as fertilizer in the field, and then the fruits and vegetables grown in the field can be used as fertilizer Give back to the community residents.

According to Diliang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jiaxing Road Street in Hongkou District, Yutai Jingyuan is just a miniature. At present, the purity of waste classification in Jiaxing Road Street is more than 90%. According to the needs of the masses, the first sub station of Jiaxing Road Street citizen post station increased the number of business to be run by the whole city from 178 to 188, and the number of matters that can be handled on site from 38 to 50. Up to now, there are 20 functional departments, 466 units in Hongkou District, more than 4500 volunteers and 31 community organizations participating in the operation and organization activities of public stations, which maximize the resource allocation efficiency of public facilities and open up the last public mile for residents.

Now, all of Shanghai is actively building a community integrated service center for the old. By the end of last year, 180 have been built in the city; by the end of this year, more than 250 will be built to achieve full coverage of streets and towns. Through the promotion of online service platform and offline service site, the 15 minute community pension service circle is gradually being constructed.

Today, based on the traditional courses of hand-made, painting and calligraphy, Toro has added new fashion courses such as baking, flower arrangement and garbage sorting.

Today, in the absence of volunteers, the correct rate of garbage classification in the community has always remained above 98%.

Lujiazui Financial City: building youth gathered by Party Organizations

[camera] eggplant! A few days ago, in the 22 storey air garden of Shanghai Center Tower, 5 young people had a retro green backpack printed on the back of the body, serving the people, posing a struggling posture and smiling at the camera. On the other side, several young people introduced themselves as they walked along, using their mobile phones to take small videos of shaking voice to bless the motherland and Shanghai.

They are not ordinary tourists coming here, but young Party members who come to participate in party organization activities. The center of Shanghai, which stands on the east coast of Pujiang, is not only overlooking Shanghais cityscape, but also feeling the height of faith and the lofty ideal.

[review] in the morning of November 6th last year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the party building service center of the Lujiazui Financial City on the 22 floor of Shanghai Center Tower, inspecting the service center window, understanding the basic organizational structure of the financial city party, and detailed inquired about the weekly activity arrangement and the building party building work situation. He said that the difficulties and highlights of Party building work are at the grassroots level. With the diversification of economic composition and employment mode, more and more party members are employed in new economic organizations and new social organizations. We should do a good job in the education and management of Party members and guide them to play an active role.

On the morning of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping overlooked the city of Shanghai in the 119 floor hall of Shanghai Center Tower.

On the morning of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping was in the 22 floor of the Shanghai Center Tower, the Lujiazui city party building service center, and was talking with the party members who were working on the theme party day activities.

At the beginning of this year, enterprises in Lujiazui financial city received a list of more than 2000 activities to be carried out by the party organization of the Financial City, covering all aspects of sports, competition, art, economy, life and public welfare. After many party members got the list, they were excited for many days. Song Junxi, Secretary of the Party branch of Shanghai heituo Investment Management Co., Ltd., was one of them. In December last year, as a private enterprise, heituo company took the initiative to submit an application for the establishment of a party organization. Since then, Party members often take the elevator from the 45 floor of the Shanghai center to the 22 floor to participate in all kinds of Thematic Party Day activities. We can feel that the concept of Party building in Lujiazui financial city is changing, and the party building is becoming more and more live. For example, some party members have reported that lunch in Lujiazui area is too expensive. For this reason, the service center has set up a white-collar restaurant in many office buildings to coordinate the venue, sanitation and other issues. Each lunch can be solved between 25 yuan and 30 yuan. Recently, the service center has launched projects such as parent-child studio, love summer care class, customized public transportation, breakfast project and cloud hospital, which have really improved the sense of gain and satisfaction of Party members and employees.

Theres no pressure to come here to participate in the activities, or even very much to look forward to, Wang Xiaoman, a post-90s Party member, wrote on her mobile calendar all kinds of activities that the party construction service center will carry out in the future. Some of the activities she was particularly interested in were also marked with asterisks to remind herself never to forget. According to Wang Xiaoman, the model of party building + service not only enables the young people in the financial city to live an organizational life, but also solves the problems of eating, traveling, seeing a doctor and socializing. Among young people, the influence of Party organizations has become more and more important.

Where Party members work and live, Party organizations will cover, so that party members can find a home for the organization no matter where they are. Following the instructions of the general secretary and standing at the forefront of reform and opening up, Shanghai is aiming at emerging areas and promoting the advanced exploration of Party construction. At the end of last year, Shanghai issued the opinions on further deepening the construction of the party in this citys commercial buildings, from build up to turn up, into a comprehensive strong up version 3.0. At present, there are 2700 Party organizations and 65000 party members in the citys 1410 commercial buildings. 90% of the key buildings have established joint party committees (general branches), party and mass service stations (points) and full-time party and mass workers. In Shanghai, buildings are becoming fortresses of battle.

In October 28, 2019, a party lecture for college students is under way in the Lujiazui Financial City party and community service center, Shanghai Center Tower.

Pudong urban transport center: Urban brain is constantly updated iteratively

[lens] no, a turning truck at the entrance of Hulu Expressway overturned. One afternoon after the national day, a staff member from Jiebang village, Zhoupu Town, Pudong New Area was sitting in front of the large screen of the joint service linkage station in the village. Speaking time, in the real-time video, it can be seen that the inflammables loaded by the truck have been scattered and the fire is everywhere. What should I do?

If we put it in the past, it will take at least one and a half hours from the discovery of the accident to the disposal. Jiebang village social governance joint service linkage station director Yao Hui said. But on the same day, the staff calmly pressed the screen and connected the remote video with the new district urban transport center. After the communication between the two parties, the relevant departments of public security, fire control, urban management and so on in the town will be dispatched at the same time, and the personnel evacuation and on-site disposal will be completed properly in the first time. It took only 40 minutes before and after, minimizing the impact on surrounding villagers and passing vehicles.

Jiebang village, in the complex social governance system composed of more than 700 villages in Pudong New Area, is like a small branch on the trunk. However, its health and order are enough to reflect the growth of the whole tree, the city operation comprehensive management center of Pudong New Area.

[review] in the afternoon of November 6th last year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to Pudong New Area city operation integrated management center to understand the meticulous management situation of Shanghai city through the big screen. The general secretary stressed that first-class cities should have first-class governance, and pay attention to scientific, refined and intelligent efforts. We should not only be good at using modern scientific and technological means to achieve intelligence, but also improve the level of refinement through embroidery like care, patience and ingenuity to embroider the quality brand of the city.

On the afternoon of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping learned about the operation of Shanghais fine management and international trade single window in Pudong New Area city operation integrated management center.

A year on, around the direction of joint, instant, intelligent and collaborative efforts, Pudong City Transport Center, a big tree, has borne new fruits.

On the other side of the gate of Pudong urban transport center, a new signboard of Shanghai Pudong New Area Emergency Management Bureau has been added, which means that the emergency work and the daily management work of the city begin to be integrated. In the past, urban management started from the responsibilities of departments, and each department was responsible according to the division of labor. Now, Pudong urban transport center has settled in the first-line urban management departments such as district emergency office, public security, 120 emergency center, urban management and law enforcement, city appearance and environmental protection, market management, construction and transportation, and all government information is shared on one platform.

Entering the command hall, such integration is also reflected in more aspects. At the beginning of this year, Pudongs urban brain was renewed and iterated again, and 60 specialized intelligent urban management modules such as noise nuisance, bus route optimization, auto repair stall management, muck truck operation, typhoon prevention and flood control were launched one after another. At present, city brain has realized the extensive collection of 109 units, 341 systems and 11.8pb usage data, deployed nearly 40000 IOT sensing devices and shared more than 8000 videos with the public security. Where is the fire lane blocked? Where is the emergency? Smart sensors all over the region will transmit information to the city brain in one second.

What does this mean? Wang Hui, deputy director of the Pudong New Area Emergency Management Bureau, said that with the management system upgrading of the Pudong urban transport center into version 2.0 this year, it means that on the land of more than 1200 square kilometers of Pudong, more intelligent, more sophisticated factor management, more efficient collaborative disposal and more diversified governance system have been found.

In this year, with the growth of big trees, the dense branches have further extension and development. Originally, in the three-level management system of Pudong urban transport center, in addition to the design at the district level, 36 streets and towns also have urban operation sub centers. Since this year, every village has been gradually connected to the system, and jointly weaved a Skynet all over the region. Jiebang village is a typical case. Yao Hui said that thanks to the interconnection between the joint service station of village residents and the urban brain of the town sub center and district, the security situation in the village has improved significantly in the past six months. In the past, there were about two theft cases every month on average, but now for several months, peoples lives are safe.

Pudong city transport center is running 24 hours a day.

Each dot on the screen represents the location of one or even several site managers.

On the other side of the gate of Pudong urban transport center, a new signboard of Shanghai Pudong New Area Emergency Management Bureau has been added, which means that the emergency work and the daily management work of the city begin to be integrated.

Zhangjiang Science City: good news for key projects

[lens] in the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City, Fourier x1, the first commercial lower extremity exoskeleton robot in China, is placed quietly. At the beginning of this year, Fourier intelligence technology, the R & D company of Fourier x1, has launched a new generation of lower extremity exoskeleton rehabilitation robot Fourier x2. How amazing is it? It can help the patients with lower extremity paralysis to carry out auxiliary walking and rehabilitation training to recover their walking ability, and its weight is about 7kg lighter than the similar products at home and abroad. It is an innovative technology combining AI and medical scene in depth.

Other key projects in Zhangjiang also have good news: Yisi medical customization project, the science gate of Zhangjiang City sub center and other projects are scheduled to start within this year; soft X-ray, ultra short laser device, living cell imaging platform and other projects are scheduled to be completed and put into operation within this year.

[looking back] the entrance of Zhangjiang Science City is hidden under a huge red signboard along the way west of Dangui Road, Pudong New Area. In the afternoon of November 6th last year, general secretary Xi Jinping came to the core area of science and technology innovation in Shanghai and the national science and technology highland. The general secretary stressed that we should promote the construction of Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center with a global perspective and international standards, gather and build internationally advanced laboratories, scientific research institutes, research institutions and research universities, and accelerate the establishment of a world-class major science and technology infrastructure cluster.

On the afternoon of November 6, 2018, Xi Jinping inspects the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City to understand Shanghais technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

On the afternoon of November 6, 2018, when Xi Jinping was visiting the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City, he had a cordial conversation with the scientific and technological workers in the field.

A year later, under the same bright red signboard with five characters of Zhangjiang Science City, new vitality was born.

As the core area of Shanghai Science and technology innovation center and the national science and technology highland, Zhangjiang Science City has a total planning area of about 95 square kilometers, gathering a number of large scientific facilities, scientific platforms and first-class innovative universities.

In the past year, Zhangjiang Science City has been striving to accelerate the gathering of innovative resources by promoting two rounds of five in one batch projects. Many changes have now taken place quietly. Wu Jun, deputy director of Zhangjiang Administration Bureau of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, said that up to now, there are 73 projects in Zhangjiangs first round of five projects in one batch and 40 projects have been completed in total. In the new round of five projects in one batch, 16 projects have also been started. Eight projects have been completed and put into operation, including Microsoft artificial intelligence and Internet of things laboratory, Alibaba Shanghai R & D center, Tongji University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Xiaoyi technology headquarters, Aida China headquarters, Yangtze River Delta capital market service base, artificial intelligence innovation platform and experience center, Infineon Greater China headquarters.

When investigating Zhangjiang Science City last year, the general secretary pointed out that we should conscientiously implement the strategic deployment and policy measures of the CPC Central Committee on scientific and technological innovation, strengthen basic research and applied basic research, enhance the original innovation ability, pay attention to the role of the enterprise as the main body, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, respect innovative talents, release innovation vitality, cultivate and expand new industries and innovative enterprises Speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and improve the overall efficiency of the innovation system.

According to the requirements of general secretary Biao, in the past year, Zhangjiang Science City has continued to increase the introduction and incubation of headquarters, functional and innovative enterprises and institutions, especially focusing on the layout of some key industries.

On November 28 last year, Shanghai integrated circuit design Industrial Park was officially established in Zhangjiang, focusing on the core technology fields of neck card such as domestic processor, memory, security chip, FPGA and optical communication. In one year, the enterprises settled in this industrial park include the leading enterprises of integrated circuit design, the leading enterprises of subdivision field, emerging enterprises, etc. Among them, 6 of the top 10 global chip design companies have set up regional headquarters and R & D centers in Zhangjiang, 3 of the top 10 Chinese chip design companies have their headquarters in Zhangjiang and 3 have their branches in Zhangjiang. They have more than 100 domestic leading products in total.

As the first 5g + AI full scene commercial demonstration park in China, Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island, which is located in the core area of Zhangjiang Science City, has gathered many multinational enterprise giants, domestic and foreign well-known research institutes and quite a number of unicorn enterprises in a year. Today, it has become the new landmark of AI enterprises in Shanghai, with the most concentrated types and talents. In the future, 8000 ai r & D engineers and scientists will work on the island.

When the general secretary visited the exhibition hall of Zhangjiang Science City a year ago, there were exhibits such as dark matter particle detection satellite model, exoskeleton rehabilitation robot, cold atomic clock and so on, which attracted the general secretarys attention. Today, the exhibition hall is still that hall, but the scientific and technological achievements behind the exhibits have made new progress.

To build a global science and technology innovation center, Shanghai aims at the global front, complements the weaknesses and stretches the board, and focuses on the two main directions of basic scientific research, namely, the original innovation and the key core neck sticking technology. With the goal of strengthening the original innovation, Shanghai strives to improve the innovation policy source. In May this year, Shanghai light source, a large scientific device settled in Zhangjiang National Science Center in Shanghai, celebrated its 10th birthday. 25000 users from all over the world produced a number of world-class scientific research results with the help of Shanghai Light. Focusing on key fields such as integrated circuit, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, etc., Shanghai has made great efforts to tackle key problems around neck sticking technology, and the seeds of innovation have been breaking through the ground and growing. A number of advanced manufacturing industries, such as China core, innovative medicine, intelligent manufacturing, future car, blue sky dream, are also growing.

The first commercial lower extremity exoskeleton robot Fourier X1 in China.

Exhibition hall displays anti Alzheimers drug GV-971 research and development results.

Zhangjiang artificial intelligence island.